Born in Canada, with just twenty-one years old, Shawn Mendes has become one of the most famous pop-artists of the decade. Having written three albums, and done multiple collaborations with popular artists like Camila Cabello, Julia Michaels, and Khalid, the singer has multiple fans worldwide who attend to his concerts in different cities from his homeland, Canada, up to the U.S.A. and even Europe. However, he never performed in Latin America and he wasn´t intended to until earlier this year when he officially announced that he would be visiting: Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Peru.

Luckily, I had the chance to attend one of the two shows that he gave in the capital city of Argentina, Buenos Aires, the past 6th and 7th of December. And in this article, I will spill on every detail of the show: the place, the songs,  everything you need to know to attend to one of his shows, fan actions, merch, and more…


The show happened both dates in the recently built arena located in the center of Buenos Aires. The arena has a capacity of 15,000 people with 11,500 seats and it counts with the main stage and a secondary one in the heart of the arena. Shawn performed frenetically and ecstatically in both of them whilst interacting with fans on the move. The acoustics of the place was outstanding and so were the lights that changed and moved in contrast to the song, there were also some projectors behind him that contributed even more to the scenery.



Of course, in every show, he alternates the order or replaces one for another but during his hour and a half performance in Buenos Aires, he played the following:

Opening: Lost In Japan

There´s Nothing Holding Me Back (I cried there)



Señorita/ I Know What You Did Last Summer (mashup)


Bad Reputation

Never Be Alone

Life Of The Party

When You´re Ready

Like To Be You


Treat You Better

Particular Taste

Where Were You In The Morning

Fallin´All In You




Fix You (cover) *cried there too*

Closing: In My Blood *Literally sobbed*



Shawn has a young and lively soul that you can appreciate every second of the concert, in an hour and forty minutes of performance, he never stopped even once: when he wasn´t singing, he was or speaking to the public or interacting with his fans.

“It´s official. Out of 98 shows, you are the loudest one”

“Every single person in this room has the power to change the word”

   He expressed how good he felt on the stage by throwing loving phrases like “love you Buenos Aires” or doing pleasant actions for his fans. Like: throwing at the public every pick he used after each song, putting the Argentinian flag over the piano, kissing the LGBTQ+ flag and using the flower crowns that his loving fans left for him at the stage.

Another detail that made the show even more magical was the bracelets that were given for free at the entrance of the arena. They were synchronized and controlled by a computer to show a different show of lights for each song that matched every fan.




    First of all, you have to be sure to take your ticket, this might seem a no brainer but it´s very important, you can´t enter with a picture of the ticket either. Then, Shawn especially prohibits people to enter with big bags or schoolbags for security measures. You can just use small bags or waist bags. Another rule is that you can not enter with any kind of food or beverages and if you take any kind of medication, you have to contact the place in which he will be playing and present a certificate. However, you have to consult your local Shawn Mendes page to be sure of the policies that apply to the place he performs or your country.


The merch can be acquired inside the stadium and is not very expensive. The price varies between 10 and 35 dollars. You can pay with a debit/credit card or your local coin. To see the merch available in your country, you have to visit his web page that also offers you the chance to buy his products via the internet. Nonetheless, if you want to buy merch the same day of the show, I recommend you to arrive at the place early because they end up quickly.



If you don´t know what fan actions are, they are basically a movement in which all the fans decide on an idea to do on the show. It can be anything (singing a certain song when the artist enters, waring certain accessory or clothes, ecc.)

In my case, fans decided to reflect different lights during the song “Youth” in order to make the Canadian and Argentinian flag. And, during the chorus of the song ” In My Blood” to throw paper roses to represent the symbol of the artist.



I hope this article was useful for you to find whatever you need to know ab0ut Shawn Mendes´s shows. I really enjoyed being there, he makes you feel magic, even if is just for a little while.