A few weeks ago, I finally finished reading the trilogy “Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard” and in the book, the main character has a friend that is deaf and uses the American Sign Language to communicate. In the trilogy, I learnt a lot about the ASL that I didn´t know much about. That´s why, I decided as a resolution of 2019 to learn the American Sign Language. I did some research, so, in this article, I can answer some general questions about it, I will recommend some techniques to learn the language properly and I will write down the best places to learn it.

Is the ASL the only Sign Language that exists? Is it different in other countries?

No, ASL is not the only sign language that exists in the world, however, it´s used in a lot of countries. Yes, the ASL is different from the sign language in other countries, for example the BSL.

Where is the ASL used?

The ASL is native in the US and Canada, however it´s also used in some parts of Mexico with modifications and in some parts of Asia and Africa.

Where I can learn sign language?

Nowadays, learning sign language is easier than ever because of the internet. You can learn from many different places such as youtube tutorials, e-books and on line courses that adjust at the time that you want to spend learning sign language.

Youtube tutorials

This is my favorite way of learning sign language. Because is free and you can choose a video that lasts the time you want to spend. Here there are some youtube channels that specialize in teaching ASL.

  • Bill Vicars
  • Sign Language 101 On Line
  • Signed With Heart
  • Laura Berg Life

How many time do you have to spend learning sign language?

As much as you like! I personally do classes of around 30 minutes per day. However, I recommend to do at least two classes per week because, if you don´t practice regularly, you eventually forget.

well I think that´s every thing I got for you. If you have more questions, feel free to add them on the comment section.


Love always, Male.