The Umbrella Academy

A long, long, long time ago, tons of women all over the world gave birth despite of not being pregnant. Sir reginal Hargreeves, the richiest and madest guy in the world, tries to adopt ‘em all. He only gets seven. The thing is that most of them, have superpowers. And the old man raises them to be a group of superheroes that crime and evil. Now, after Hargreeves’s sudden death, the children (now adults) reunite once again in the house that messed them all up, welcome to the Umbrella Academy.

If you’re expecting to find badass superheroes that always believe in good and kindess, then this series are not for you. Here, you won’t find regular superheroes. They are just people who didn’t ask for what they got. Hargreeves did a number on them, and they parted ways a long time ago. They reunite one more time to save the world, but in the process, they find in each other a piece that was missing in them, a family. Here you’ll see bloodshed and bad deeds, they are not perfect, but they have good intentions, at least, most of the time.

This show, made a division in human kind. You either HATE them or LOVE them, there’s not in between. Although, there’s a great deal of fans, that’s why, it got renewed for a second season (even though after that cliff hanguer they kinda had to). Of coursd we don’t know anything about it yet because the series are super resent. Don’t worry! I will keep you updated.

The kids weren’t named by their father, they just had numbers in order of importance in the team. Although they named theirselves.

Number 1- Luther, he’s the leader of the gang  and hassuper strenght and an enormous body.

Number 2- Diego he can throw knives in any direction he wants.

Number 3- Alysson, she can make people do what she wants by just saying, I heard a rumour.

Number 4- klaus, can communicate with the dead. His powers have great potential however, he can’t have access to them due to his drug addiction

Number 5- he can teletransport and time traveling.

Number 6- Ben, he died a long time ago due to unknown reasons. His superpower is that he can unleash a monster from his chest.

Number 7-Vanya. All her life, she was left out from the superhero fights and training. She was told she was normal, ordinary, mundane. And that’s what she believed.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and watch it! Write down your opinion in the comments.


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