“The Red Scrolls of Magic” by Cassandra Clare and Wesley Chu

Since the beginning of “City of Bones” Cassandra Clare introduced us to a world where all the legends are true, full of different characters that are from mundanes to Vampires. They are very different but that doesn´t mean they  can´t fall in love…

That applies to young Shadowhunter, Alec Lightwood and centuries old, Warlock Magnus Bane. They´ve been dating for a while, and, after saving the world and Alec finally coming out to his parents and loved ones, they decide to go on vacation to Europe. This trip is a challenge for both of them. They have to know each other better and get past their insecurities to finally be together. However, their romantic vacation takes a turn when an old friend from Magnus, tells him that a new demonic cult has risen and is causing trouble. And the founder of it was Magnus, centuries ago, as a joke. Now the couple must stop it before it´s to late.

The book itself, it´s a time travel machine that takes us to the time in which we were just getting to know this characters and there was a lot of development for them to do. Alec wasn´t the proud man that we see now, we still see his insecurities and struggles. He´s also new to the downworld and from his eyes, we get to see this new vibrant and colorful vision of the world that is dominated by the Childs of demons that´s everything, but dark . Also, Magnus is still afraid of this new love that might hurt him like a lot of lovers did in the past, he fears that by opening himself to Alec, that he might loose him. In this new adventure, with their lives at stake, they learn to trust each other more than ever. And it´s funny because, this book fills the reader´s heart with love and joy but at the same time, it´s kinda shallow because we all know that this trip is the beginning of their break up in City of Lost Souls.

Even though the spotlight of the book are Magnus and Alec, we also get to see the development of another couple that´s also very loved in the Shadowhunter Chronicles that is Aline Penhallow and Helen Blackthorn. They both become Alec´s friend and allies during their adventures in Europe, and, when they meet, their chemistry is obvious. The rest, is history…

The plot of the book gets solved not before leaving us with an awesome epilogue that leads to a cliff-hanguer that will continue in the next book of the trilogy, The Lost Book Of the White.

If you´re a Malec fan, this is a must-read for you.


  • If you order the water stone edition you´ll get an extra story about how Magnus and his best friend Catarina Loss met.
  • The preordered version of the book comes with an extra letter from Magnus to Alec.
  • To celebrate the release of the book, the official artist of TSC did 5 illustrations.



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