Rebel review- Was opening this trilogy after six years a good decision?

Our favorite books are like crushes. We love them, we obsess over them, we think all-day about them and savor every word that we get from them, we enjoy them while we can until we finally accept that they don´t last forever. You can re-read it a million times but it will never have the same taste like the first one. We never forget them, they always hang unspoken in a corner of our minds. But eventually, we start thinking less about them, we do get an unexplainable joy each time someone mentions it but we accept that they won´t return.

However, there are some of them, quite rare, who do. Firstly, is awkward and you have to get some time to get used to it but then, everything goes naturally back to where you left it.

That is my history with the Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu. The first three books, “Legend”; “Prodigy and “Champion” were amazing, I was captivated by June and Day´s story, the world they live in a utopia and dystopia at the same time. I admire the way Lu created The Republic, every detail is covered and explained in a natural and non-forced way. And even though “Champion” had an end that got me sobbing, it´s a conclusion satisfied me enough and of course, left place for imagining and wondering the future that might lay ahead of this wonderful couple that we suffered, cried and loved for.

So, I was completely shocked to know that there would be a continuance to the trilogy and that it wouldn´t be just a spin-off in the same word but a full story told from Day, now known as Daniel and his brother Ethan after the events of “Champion.”

Marie Lu dared to go to a place that most authors don´t. She picked up the pen after six years and decided to finally give an end to the space that most writers leave for readers to “imagine”. This is a very risky move because your followers can LOVE it or DESPISE it. There´s no in-between. This is the same reason why readers are also wary of this long-time continuances. Do we want our favorite book or series ruined? Finally, we take the risk whatsoever we love our characters too much not to miss an opportunity to see them again. And with “Rebel” it was the right move.

Respect the Legend. Idolize the Prodigy. Celebrate the Champion. But never underestimate the Rebel.

   This fourth book in the series takes exactly a month after the epilogue of “Champion” “Life After Legend,” Daniel and Eden Wing live in Ross City, the shiny capital of Antarctica, one of the most advanced countries in the world. There, Daniel (former savior of the Republic “Day”) works as an agent for AIS, an Antartician agency that deals with most of the crimes in the city. However, there´s not that much action as in The Republic due to the system of “levels” that they maintain. Meanwhile, his little brother (who´s not that small now) is the best student at the Ross City University. Unlike in Lake, now the siblings live surrounded by luxury and every benefit the didn´t have as kids, everything Daniel ever wanted to give his youngest brother so, why is he so unhappy? Ethan gets each time to “the undercity” Ross City´s dark side and as much as Daniel wants him to do it, he can´t seem to leave his past behind.

Not that it is easy for Daniel either, the same energy draws him to the darkness and now that the love of his life, Commander June Iparis is back in town, things are getting each time harder. If somehow the world made them meet again, isn´t it a sign? but what if they just can´t go back to what they were? Can they love each other as fiercely as they once had ten years ago? Even though he lost his memories, he hasn´t forgotten about her.

In this book, Marie Lu´s universe expands even more as we see how people suffer just like in the Republic but with a different system, getting to know how Antarctica works closely was an amusing experience and seeing how much how Ethan grew up made me nostalgic. But overall, what finally made my heart full was Day and June, who met as enemies, went through unimaginable things together whether they were good or bad, after every trial destiny threw at them, find their way back to each other.


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