Queen of Air and Darkness-Opinion without Spoilers

The previous 4th of December, Cassandra Clare finally letted  the world read her ultimate master piece “Queen of Air and Darkness” that will be joining the “Shadowhunter Chronicles” as the third and last book in the series “The Dark Artifices” that take place five years after the events on “City of Heavenly Fire” the last book of the series “The Mortal Instruments”.

Anyways, that same Tuesday, I grabbed the book and I couldn’t´t let it go until  I finished it. The book itself is pretty long, it has around 780 words but I can assure you that I enjoyed reading every single page of it. Yeah, of course, I cried, I laughed, I had mixed up feelings. Actually, I still have them. As a reader of Cassie´s books since the very first book, I can say that I´m pretty proud of her, cause since “City of Bones” she has evolved in many aspects as an author. If we compare her very first book with the last one, we can see how she improved her writing style, and each one of her characters are deeper and unique in their own way.

Now, I will write about my opinion on this book WITHOUT SPOILERS so, if you haven´t read the book yet (Seriously what are you doing with your life?) feel free to read the following content.

First of all, it was beautiful to read again our old time favorite characters that come a long way from “The Mortal Instruments” like Alec, Clary, Simon, Izzy, Jace and Magnus. As this review is spoiler-free I will nor confirm nor deny a Malec wedding, just know that my Malec heart was jumping inside my chest after reading this book. As we know from “Lord of Shadows” Jace and Clary are off in a top secret mission in faerie looking for a “weapon” that we´ll get to know better in this book. Respecting Sizzy, they don´t have a major debut in this book, they are mentioned and they appear of course but, unlike the characters mentioned before, they don´t have any protagonism. Although, we do get to see how the Lightwood´s grief Robert´s death.

Back in the Los Angeles institute, the whole Blackthorn family, is mourning Livvy´s death. On top of everything, Emma and Jules are still struggling with the “I´m in love with my parabatai” issue and in this book, things only get deeper. We learn a lot of interesting things about the parabatai bond history and, we finally learn the reason why their love is so dangerous.

Even though we can see a bloody war coming thanks to our pal Horace Dearborn that, after Robert´s death, didn’t hesitate into taking his place as inquisitor, Nephilim are taking sides with the cohort, it´s Valentine all over again, there´s always time for love. This book deals with the most complex love triangle that I read in my life. Yeah, I´m talking about our beloved Mark, Cristina and Kieran. I personally think that Cassie handled it perfectly, because, sue to their situation and the fierce love that they feel for each other, it wasn’t possible for them to have a perfect ending. However, somehow, Clare reached a solution that is able to satisfy the fans.

Respecting Drusilla Blackthorn, I think that is one of my favorite members of the Blackthorn family. I feel very identified by her. Due to her age, we haven´t seen much of her through the last two books. However, in this book, she starts having more protagonism, and we also get to see everything in her point of view more often so, we can understand a bit more about how she feels. I´m really excited to read her sixteen-year-old self in 2022 in “The last Hours”.

For Kitty fans, there´s a lot of their moments in this book. Although, they are not always positive. I can understand why Ty acts like he does. He´s autistic and he just lost his twin and, I also think it´s natural what he tries to do in this book. But, that doesn’t justify the way he treats Kit. That´s why I don´t blame Kit for the decision that he takes at the end of the book. About Kit, in this book, we learn a lot about his family heritage.

We also see different aspects of the faeries that we´ve never seen before. That´s something that I love about “The Dark Artifices”. Because in “The Mortal Instruments” for example, we learn a lot about downworlders however, faeries are very distant. In this trilogy, we also learn a lot about the first faerie heir.

So, this is everything I can write about the book without spoilers. Although, not all the words in the world can explain the feeling I get when I read Cassie´s books. So, just read it.

Love always,


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