The Politician season 2 is coming soon

Ever since Coronavirus exploded in the world, the production of many series that were meant to release their following seasons this year, were passed to 2021 to protect the health of the cast and crew. Some of them being Riverdale, Grey´s Anatomy, and The Flash. Luckily for us The Politician fans, our beloved managed to film all episodes in season two before the outbreak which means, it´s official we are getting season two in 2020. If you want to know more, like how many episodes it will have the exact release date & more please join me through this article.


During an eye-opening interview with collider, acclaimed screenwriter Ryan Murphy stated that they managed to film SEVEN ENTIRE EPISODES before Corona which is exactly what they had in plans for the second season of the show.

The Politician, starring musician and Broadway performer, Benn Platt, follows the aspirations of a young and wealthy man to become president. A teenager who´s convinced that all great political carriers start the moment you are born, making every academic race, of any kind, count.


However, after that dramatic time hop at the end, we end up seeing Payton, finally recovering from his downfall and putting his political carrier back to track. Will he beat all the odds and win the congressional seat? Will he even manage to get through college? Only season 2 will tell.

Now, you might be wondering, who does this season fit in all between this pandemic mess? Will they make any reference to it? Or The Politician universe will ignore it completely? Well luckily, after talking about the episodes, Murphy also addressed this subject stating:

 “Season 2, we were lucky enough that we finished filming and editing right before the coronavirus thing happened. (…). We have seven [episodes]. We finished all of our episodes. We have a great second season and I think we´re trying to figure out how do we mix them now in the social distancing age. I think we´ve figured it out.”

As for what does Ryan Murphy means when he says that “they have figured it out” I have no clue but, when it comes to this awesome being, I can assure you it will be good.

Then, he finished with:

 “It´s going to come out in the middle of June still, season two. I´m really proud of it. I love what we came up with, Brad Falchuk, and Ian Brennan and I.”

So, even though we have no exact release date, it´s going to be soon, and I´m sure it will be great.

And finally, when asked about what does the future depart for the Netflix show,  the screenwriter announced that they planned one more singñe season for this show but that it will happen probably some years after this one because he wants Ben Platt to “get a little bit older” before facing the defining race: the presidential race.

“That would obviously be a presidential race, right? That’s always what we had designed, and I think that’s what our plan is.”



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