Origins-Imagine Dragons’s new album

Origins is the new album from Imagine Dragons that was realised on November 9th and I can’t stop listeninig to it!

The album includes songs that were previously released like Natural and Zero( the song that was made for the upcoming movie “Ralph the wrecker 2”) and other new hits like Birds and Love.

Something that I love about their music is that even though they compose alternative rock, their lyrics are super deep and philophical. Also, in their songs, they talk about important topics like for example “Love” they talk about the wars that exist because of racism.

 “Why can’t you just be my brother” “We don’t have to kill one another”

The songs also talk about the band’s singer and Frontman Dan Reynolds personal struggles. For example, some are inspired in his divorce with Aja Volkman earlier this year.

All I have left to say is that this band is very passionate about their music, they never forget their roots and I can only recommend them to you. Not only this album, the previous ones to and whatever comes next.

The album is already on Spotify and some songs are on Youtube.


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