The Order Season 2- Review (+ updates & everything we know about season 3!)

After a whole year since it´s jaw-dropping season 1 finale, last Thursday, Netflix finally dropped the second season of their original supernatural drama, The Order. And just as they promised, it didn´t disappoint! Stick around to read a full, spoiler-free review. Plus everything you need to know about season 3 and more updates of the sho!

These series have everything one could ever hope for: werewolves, magic, and love. However, what I really appreciate from this production,  how they offer a certain dark and obscure twist to it, between the jokes and ridiculous shenanigans our main characters go through, within them, we can also perceive something else, somewhat deeper;  how they don´t hesitate to kill when the situation needs it, while still sticking to heir moral values whenever possible. Also, there´s an interesting addition regarding the very somber nature of the show, where does their magic come from, how the “good” or the “bad” don´t exist, they are all shades of gray.

Unlike season 1, where everything was new and shiny for our protagonist Jack Morton (Jake Manley), season 2 brings us a far more experienced and developed character, who even though he´s still in love with The Order member, Alyssa Drake (Sarah Grey) he knows where his loyalties lie: The Knights Of Saint Christopher, and let me tell you, watching our favorite werewolves unfold, was by far the best part of this season, and maybe the whole series even. And unlike season 1, these characters gather much more importance and validation.

The whole season was something similar to climbing to the most complex roller coaster in the world. The plot was full of constant ups and downs, so much that I got to the point where I didn´t know who to believe, which was the best plan, or what crazy complication would strike them next. The writers decided to maintain the same structure that they had begun using since the beginning of the show for this season, which is to break it up into two parts of mini-adventures featuring diverse aspects of the show´s world and allowing the characters to develop and achieve a certain growth. However, the real and most threatening plot   it´ s not introduced until well into the season, in fact, almost when there are three episodes left.

Although the first season it´s still my favorite, there´s a lot to love about this second part of The Order. I think that this time round they dared to dig a little bit further into their dark and sadistic vibes to fully endorse their essence and I can really appreciate that. And they also managed to tie all knots, take all the crazy and creative storylines throughout the series, and connect them into a really believable and logical way, however they did take the liberty to leave us with their now typical shocking cliff hangers that will drive me nuts.

Finally, I wanted to give my congratulations to all the cast of The Order, they managed to display their characters and what they wanted to say this season spectacularly.

The Order" Cast - Baltimore Sun


Will there be a season three of “The Order”?

You thought I was leaving without telling you this?

Sadly, a third season of “The Order” has yet to be announced. I wouldn´t sweat on it though since it´s still early on to get any kind of confirmation, so let´s cross our fingers!


Hope you found this article useful! See you next week!



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