One of us is next | Review

Title: One Of Us Is Next

Author: Karen M. McManus

Release Date: January 7th, 2020

Sequel, series or stand-alone? Sequel

Previous book: One Of Us Is Lying

Following book: –

Main characters: Maeve Rojas, Knox, Phoebe Lawton

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆



Five students get in, four students get out. What happened in between? 

That is the question asked in the previous book “One Of Us Is Lying” in which five cliche teenagers  (the nerd, the bad guy, the football player, the beautiful one and the creepy one) are sent into detention and at the end of the day, one ends up dead. And the only suspects, are the other four.

Now, in this book, eighteen months have passed since that tragedy and the Bayview high students are finally back to their normal lives. However, when a sick truth or dare game shows up at everyone´s phones revealing the darkest secrets of the teenagers of the school, Maeve Rojas, sister of hero of the last book Bronwyn Rojas, has to team up with her friends to discover who is behind the gossip game.

A stronger plot-line and mystery. 

To be honest, I was quite reluctant to pick up this book, “One Of Us Is Lying” was definitely not one of my favorite books since I found the “mystery” weak and obvious and I didn´t care much about the characters lives. At least it wasn´t worth the hype. However, I finally decided to read it because “hey! everyone deserves a second chance” and oh boy, I´m so glad I finally did.

First of all, I really liked the main characters like Maeve, Knox, and Phoebe. And also, I enjoyed secondary characters too, like Luis, Bronwyn, and Nate, the relationship between the last two hooked me in this book. All in all, what I enjoyed better about “One Of Us Is Next” is the plot: I wouldn´t have guessed that ending not in a million years and I really liked how Maeve and her friends started picking up clues and putting the puzzle together.

If I were to say something negative about this novel, is the fact that is too slow and it takes a lot of time to get to the point. Sometimes, some descriptions or small plot lines were far too dull, just like the last book.

Do I have to read “One Of Us Is Lying” to read “One Of Us Is Next”?

If you are thinking about picking up this book, I strongly recommend you to read the previous one first, after all, it is a sequel. However, is not crucial to do so, if you read a summary of the last one you will be able to understand most of the book. Still, the experience is not fully enjoyable. To be honest, I read the first book two years ago and I didn´t remember much of it when I started reading the second one, however, the book kinda jogged my mind and I figured the rest on my own.


To summarize, I think that reading this duology was a positive experience, not my favorite books ever, but still, they are enjoyable to pass the time. Oh and “Cafe Contigo” an Argentinian cafe, was a nice touch, I´m from Argentina and I really appreciated it.


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