The Magisterium series by Cassandra Clare and Holly Black

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to write about these series created by two queens that in my opinion, need more love and recognition from the audience. When I picked up the first book, I didn´t know what I would find because, I only read TSC stuff from Cassie and I never read anything from Black but, this book, surprised me for good. The thing is, that I love these series and I seriously thing that they deserve more appreciation because is an exciting story, full of magic with golden friendships and very human characters, they make mistakes. Asides, you can add the sassy element too.



I will just write a small synopsis of the first book without spoilers. 11 year-old Callum Hunt has been chosen with a bunch of other kids to do the iron trial to enter the mages school, “The Magisterium”. Most kids would consider it an honour to be chosen, but Call wasn’t other kids. His whole life his father told him that the mages were bad people and that they were responsible for the death of his mother. So, Call tries the best at his worst, he wants to fail the test. However, he fails at failing when he enters the Magisterium. Accompany Call in this new and exciting adventure full of friendship and magic.


The books aren´t long, they have around 200 pages so, you can read them in a day. Or you can use them to reach your goal number of books that you read this year. Also, these series are super recommendable to Harry Potter fans who want to revive magic one more time.


Hope you enjoy them!

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