Lucifer Season 5 review- The Devil Is Back

1Ever since its initial release back in 2016, the show featuring our favorite fallen angel has faced a rather bumpy road: from public critics to cancelation, a huge campaign to pick it up that actually worked, to heart-wrecking finales; Lucifer has not exactly gotten an easy path per se, and yet, they stand high and proud, presenting to us season 5.

 Warning; although this article contains NO SPOILERS for Lucifer´s fifth season, there might be spoilers for the previous four seasons of the shows. Proceed under your own risk.


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  For those who fail to remember, season 4 ended up pretty messed up after our favorite celestial-human alliance defeated the evil demons who had taken newborn Charlie, (Lydia and Amenadiel´s son) to go and play king back at the gates of hell in order to finally replace Lucifer whose “vacation” in L.A. was a little bit too long-. And after the most desired kiss and love declaration in the history of Kisses and Love Declarations from part of our two main characters, Lucifer Morningstar and Detective Chloe Decker (Deckerstar 4ever), Lucifer decides to do the ultimate sacrifice: to leave his first and only love behind so to fly back to hell to keep the demons in check and save the human race or something. Semantics, really.

Remember that season 4 finale? Where we all sobbed uncontrollably until there were no more tears left? Oh, was it just me? Shutting up now.


Lucifer season 5 review

What I think that I like the most about this show, is that from its very premise, it represents something fresh, even though biblical topics are something we´ve seen before in the media, they give it their own peculiar twist and create something completely new.
This show bears no taboos, and I like to see that as the seasons go forward, this never changes. In fact, it only gets better; we get to experience the world from the own devil´s perspective and I think it helps the audience understand how people work a little better, no one is completely good, or fully evil, we move between shades of greys.

The devil was also an angel.

Season five also tackles a lot of social issues on its own, Lucifer-esque way, never taking anything too seriously, while still managing to display their importance. Themes as adoption, abandonment issues, personal insecurities, and communications are spoken of, and they added more LGBTQ+ characters by acknowledging Maze´s love for Eve which, shoutout to the writers for taking care of it, and not just leaving it there as lame gaybait; and by also admitting that in fact, Lucifer´s slept with men too. Which was pretty much expected from him but still, saying it out loud makes the difference.

However, I do feel like this season relied way too much on Maze. I mean, she is a pretty enjoyable character and she did have an interesting storyline but to my point of view, it was overused. She just kept tripping over the same stone, again and again, making the same mistakes. She spent the whole season running in circles, up to the point that I could no longer bear seeing her scenes.

On the other side, our lovely Deckerstar is back! And unlike other shows, who just tease couple moments to catch the audience and then deliver something completely different, Lucifer actually fulfilled its promo promises, giving us the moments we so desperately ached for since the very beginning of the show, to say the least. However, it´s not all sunshine and rainbows for this couple, given that they managed to find something to fight or be upset about every two seconds which was pretty annoying, to be honest. I guess it´s their essence, although I don´t get it much.

Lucifer’s season 5, actually demonstrates a huge development and growth in some of their characters but in my opinion, the most remarkable one belongs to our main character, Lucifer Morningstar; he passed from being a completely reckless devil to someone who actually cares and not only about Chloe, but for the greater good and for innocent people´s lives. All, without losing himself in the process his inappropriate jokes and sour comments can still be seen wherever he goes, never taking life too seriously, and always being there when it matters.

Finally, to close up this review, I wanted to make a small comment about Michael, Lucifer´s twin, and our villain for this season. He was absolutely dislikable and had no clear motive to do what he did but the constant ache for attention which was infuriating most of the time. And he didn´t make much presence in the great scheme of things, he was kind of disappeared throughout the whole season and only made appearances when there was nothing left to do. I guess that I don´t like how they treated the villain this season. I would elaborate more on this, but I´m trying to avoid all spoilers possible so I guess it´s better for you to see it for yourselves.

All in all, this was definitely not my favorite Lucifer season, although there were some parts that I still enjoyed, I think that it was weak where it mattered the most. However, I simply cannot wait to watch its sixth and final season which has no premiere date yet, and due to the current pandemic, it will probably take a while. But hang in there Lucifer fans, because it´s already confirmed and coming, we just have to have a little bit of patience.

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