Lucifer season 4 Review- The Devil is back

After risking cancellation, and a huge protest from part of the fans, the fourth season of Lucifer, finally premiered at the beginning of May. A few months ago, this wouldn’t have been possible due to the decision that Fox mad to stop producing them. However, far from accepting it, the fans started a campaign in the social media under the tag #Savelucifer practically begging Netflix to pick it up. And the chain, couldn´t ignore it. They were set up with a huge challenge, but can they handle it? This season, will determinate that and today, I´m going to review it.

For those who don´t know Lucifer, is a drama starring Lucifer Morningstar, the actual Devil who, after eons of ruling Hell, decided that he needed a vacation. That´s why, he decides to go to Los Angeles where he is a powerful man decided by everyone. However, after a terrible accident, he mets someone who´s immune to his charms. Detective Decker. Soon enough, they start working together finding the authors of the most terrible murders.

This season, almost everyone from the main cast returned. And I loved it. Netflix, was truly the refreshment the series needed. Before, when they worked with Fox, they had to be a little bit more cautious because they were on Tv but on the other hand, with this new network, there´s nothing holding them back. This time everything´s more darker and sensual than ever. Tom Ellis (Lucifer) showed us once again that he´s not uncomfortable with nudity.

I think that in this season, the development that the characters had is truly showed. We see how Lucifer struggles with what´s right and wrong and this makes Chloe question this too. Lucifer is the devil, but he was also an Angel. How can a person pass from pure good to totally evil?

Ella´s faith is also tested. She´s not longer all smiley and shiny, she has suffered loss and she cannot understand how “God” could have let that happened. If he was all mighty, why all those terrible things even exist? Dan also struggles with Lucifer. After Charlotte, now his grudge against him is bigger than ever and he will take him down, no matter what.

Maze is in a new phase of her life in which she needs to go out and find something of her own. Bounty hunting is no longer enough. Maybe someone will come around…

Regarding Lydia and Amenadiel, well… they are themselves and we love them.

Personally, I really loved the season. I think that I speak from the majority of the fandom when I say, WE WANT A SEASON 5.

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