“Kingdom of Back”- by Marie Lu | Review

Title: The Kingdom Of Back

Author: Marie Lu

Release Date: March 3, 2020

Main characters: Nannerl Mozart- Wolfgang Mozart- Hyacinth

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

“I am your guardian Nannerl. Tell me what you want. I will find a way to give it to you.”
“But be wary of what you wish for, wishes have a habit of surprising their makers.”
– Marie Lu, in Kingdom Of Back

Ever since the best-seller author returned last year with the fourth and final book of the “Legend” saga, titled “Rebel”, she has been sprinting with new projects and books to release in the near future. Novels, that are far away from her dystopic masterpiece.
“Kingdom of Back” is a historical fantasy fiction that tells a story that most of us, already know, the tale of one of the most important and well-known artists in history: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. But this time, we get to see it from the other side of the coin, the other child prodigy, and his role model. His sister, Maria Anna Mozart (Nannerl). She seeks what her brother was destined to have and what her, being a lady in the 18th century, could never have. Immortality. For her music to be remembered throughout eternity.

“You live with the ambition to leave your voice in the world.”

  She dreads living what should be her real fate, denying it by writing her own compositions in the dead of the night, only for herself. The only one who really understood her was her dear brother, Wolferl. Together, they created a world where they could rule and be whomever they wanted The Kingdom Of Back.
One day, a magical being from their secret realm appears in front of her and offers to fulfill her wish: but the cost could wreck everything as she knows it.


I think that this is a tale that most people whose voices had been dampened because of their skin color, genre, sexuality or for any reason, can identify themselves with. It also teaches us the importance of fighting for what we want, no matter how many setbacks life and people have to offer.

The fantastic factor was interesting to read but, to be honest, I would have enjoyed the book without it nevertheless. Sometimes, the time they spent in the realm could be a little tedious and even boring, I think that it made the book to much, if you introduce a realm as such, you should be able to give the attention and explanation it needs. Aside from Hyacinth, who was a very well constructed character, The Kingdom of Back was loosely developed, we don´t know how it came to life, or who lived there, not even it´s resolution.  If the siblings ever interact or have something to do with it when they grow older. Is it a place that only kids can see? And if that’s the case, do every kid visit it? It feels like the author just used the realm for things that were convenient for the story. Like why did Nannerl and Wolferl had such talents or, how Nannerl´s wish can´t come to be.

All in all, I consider it a pretty good read, Marie Lu managed to create interesting characters, with complex relationships and aspirations. It gives the reader the feeling that they have just hopped in a time machine back to Europe in the eighteen century.

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