Recently I read “The Hate You Give” by Angie Thomas and I´m stunned. This book has been around for a while so, most of you must know it. When I picked up this book, I didn´t know what I was going to find. I mean, I heard that is well liked in the booktube community and, that talks about race and discrimination, but I didn´t have a clue of the masterpiece that I was about to read.






  Starr is a 16 year old black girl who lives with her family in “Garden Heights” a neighborhood where teenagers dealing are more common that the ones who finish high school. Starr is not like that, she´s lucky enough to have a loving family who can afford for her to go to a very good school in a “White neighborhood”. In school, Starr is another person. She talks and acts differently. But on weekends, she´s the real Starr, she goes to parties with her friends from the hood. One day, after a shooting in a party, her childhood best friend, Khalil offers her a ride and a police officer stops them. They do everything that the police man says, they do everything right. But, Khalil gets shot by the police whatsoever. This is a starting journey for Starr, who learns how to use her voice in this emotional book.

   What I felt while reading this book cannot be drawn into words. I felt such an impotence knowing that the issue represented in the book is real, It´s happening and it´s happening right now, not only in America but all around the world. This book taught me not to see people in black and white. There´s gray too. Sometimes, the drug dealer is not just a thug and sometimes, the policemen, can be blinded by prejudice. We all make mistakes, some bigger or smaller it doesn´t matter. At the end, you have to weight if the mistakes that people make are bigger than your love for them.

Starr, had a lot of friends and loved ones that helped her along the way, each one of them had a good developement and were very rich. My personal favorites are, Chris “the bel air prince” and Starr´s “white” boyfriend, Starr´s momma who was always there to comfort and give good advice, and Uncle Carlos, one of the good ones.


Hope you enjoyed the review. I seriously recommend picking up this book, you won´t regret it.


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