How To Get Away With Murder SO6E01-Review

Yes! The final killer season of HTGAWM is back! After the huge cliff hanguer that season 5 left us, this first episode carries loads of emotional baggage and we see how our favorite characters deal with the aftermath of this events.

After watching this episode, I could determinate that this season will determinate Annalise`s development as a character and finally, after some exhausting six seasons, the beginning of her journey to self acceptance and forgiveness. During all this time, she has had her ups and downs, questionable decisions and traumatic experiences. Now, she will finally deal with all this garbage that she has been acumulating for long.

Meanwhile, in the kids house, veryone is freaking out. Connor and Oliver are in a very good place in their relationship, however, the situation is really taking the worst out from Oliver. Michaela and Asher are very good friends and that`s it (although, he really insinuated that he would try to work out things with her.) She is really involved with Gabriel who, is more clueless than ever, he doesnt suspect anything from the crew and doesnt plan in paying a visit to the FBI anytime soon.

In addition, while Annalise is treating herself for alcohol addiction, everyone starts mouring Laurel in their own way. Overall, Frank is pretty upset by her being missing. They all consider the option that she might`ve done this on porpouse to get Christopher to a safe place and avoid dealing with her crimes.

Also, one of the most important things of this episode, is Teagan Price. I seriously started doubting her loyalties because Emett`s death struck her in a particular way and the last scene where she threw his glasses and sat at his place was pretty sketchy.

Finally, even though the FBI didnt make an apparison in this episode, we did get to see Vivian Maddox rriving to the city without telling her son and crrying a file with Sam Keating`s on it. Which is NEVER a good sign.

Hope you liked this episode as I did. Do you have any theories regarding this season? Please let me know in the comments!

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