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Last week, one of my favorite dramas for almost five years, finally wrapped up with the fifteenth episode of their sixth season, titled “Stay”. And let me tell you, it was a hell of a ride. Let’s walk through it.

After a whole season teasing the protagonist’s, Annalise Keating (portrayed by Viola Davis), death, this last episode had a huge ton of things to explain  to the audience in merely forty minutes, so I guess, it was certainly a challenge for the HTGAWM crew to fit everything in that episode. And I’m sorry to say, that it showed.

Don’t get me wrong though, I think this was a pretty great finale, we got the answers we needed, and a pretty good idea of what the characters were a up to in the end. But still, it felt kind of rushed, as if the writers arrived to the last episode of the show, and needed to fit too many things at once. Not only Annalise’s death, but who would be blamed for Asher’s murder and every single one that happened over the last six seasons. Also, there was the matter with our dear Laurel Castillo and her son,who dissappeared back in season 5, leaving no trait behind.

Besides, there was the matter with all the new issues that our characters had to face, like the matter with Frank’s parentage and his relationship with Bonnie, and what would Connor and Michaela do to get of the hook and avoid getting jail time. So… yes,, it was certainly too much to unpack in one single episode, but if anyone could do it, is the cast and crew of How To Get Away With Murder.

And then, everything just happens at once.

Annalise gets discharged.

Frank sacrifices himself for Annalise.

Bonnie does too.

Connor goes to jail.

Michaela saves herself.

Laurel goes away again.

I think that what frustrates methe most about this finale, it’s Bonnie’s death. Although Frank was my favorite character, I understand why they decided for him to make the ultimate sacrifice, and even though he dies, I think he got his happy ending in a way. Frank was a tormented soul, he couldn’t forgive himself for killing Annalise’s son and from then, things just went downhill. Being Sam’s son, also made him feel damned and lost, as if his life wasn’t worth anything at all. That is why, I feel his sacrifice for Annalise was a way of making peace with his life, from Frank’s point of view, he died making his life worth something.

That is why, I think that at the end, he was tremendously unfair to Bonnie, by tacking everything on her, who certaily didn’t deserve it. Which is also funny, considering that I never liked her character much. However, I understand the need they had to make the show’s ending a tragedy, after all, the show it’s about murder. Some had to die, i get it. But I think that making Bonnie die as a collateral damage of Frank’s sacrifice was not the way, even if she had to die, she at least deserved to have her own ending scene.

As for Gabriel, I think he finally did what she should’ve done three seasons ago: leave, save himself, and don’t look back. He came looking to unravel things that were better left off in the dark and he got his considerable share of trauma for it. And it was enough.

Now, I will address what I think is the up-most tragedy of the finale if not the whole show: The Keating Five.

These young kids, full of life, who got dragged in Annalise’s life and ended up being side walks in Annalise’s great story, heads to step on. Of course, they are no saints, no one in this show is. They played their parts, commited mistakes, payed the price, but i think they payed certainly more than they actually deserved. What I think is the saddest thing about this story, is how after everything they went through together, they ended up parting ways bitterly, not seeing each other again until Annalise’s funeral.

As for this event, I think it was the best thing in the whole season. How to get Away With Murder’s last plot-twist. I certainly didn’t see it coming, and I think that most of us didn’t. Congratulations for pulling it off, It was really incredible.

Finally, I wanted to analyze more in depth Michaela, Connor and Oliver. This season, bounded them closer than ever, it was them, against the world. It was devastatingly beautiful to see how, after everything that had happened, Michaela and Connor managed to preserve their friendship. You could see how much they had evolved with each other, how Michaela, was starting to be willing to fight for the ones she loved and not only for herself. This, was shown when they both had asked the FBI for the other to get the same plea deal.

And somehow, this episode took everything back from me. In one single episode, every development they made dissapeared, and that made me feel frustrated, and angry, to see Michaela turn her back on her friends and then expecting to mourn with Oliver when Connor left? That just struck me so out of character. Or maybe, we didn’t know her well at the end, as much as we knew that she was willing to do everything to get what she wanted, we didn’t know to which extent it went.

As for Coliver, I think it is a crime what they did to them, thy were one of the best things this show had, and even if we know they end up together, I would’ve like to know something else about them.

All in all, this was a good finale. As much as I have my complaints, I also have my praises to them. How To Get Away With Murder was a great show.

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