Find Me – Call Me By Your Name sequel | Review


Title: Find Me

Author: Andre Aciman

Release Date: October 28, 2019

Sequel, series or stand alone? Sequel

Previous book: Call Me By Your Name

Main characters: Samuel, Miranda, Michel, Elio, Oliver.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆


This book, follows the story of Samuel and Eliot, two beloved characters that we already met in the first book, Call Me By Your Name, who after being marked savagely and permanently by memorable people, go through different love stories with both new and old lovers. Even though they all take place after the first book, they all vary through different lapses of time, is essencial to pay close attention to what`s happening, otherwise, is quite easy to get lost in the timeline. However, it`s part of Aciman`s game: you have to figure out what`s happening, and to whom. Whereas is not strictly a sequel, and it doesn`t take exactly from where CMBYN left off, the book doesn`t loose the story`s essence: Europe, classical music, good books, long walks under the stars and good wine.


If you haven`t read this book yet, my main advice is to ignore other people`s opinion and just go for it. If you read some feedback from this novel, you probably came across someone who thought that there wasn`t enough Oliver and Elio togetherness in it. Which on fact, is true, if you are expecing to find three hundred pages of the two characters being the perfect coulple don`t even bother in opening it. But you should give it a chance, the book is more than the two of them, it talks about love, people who dig that deep in your skin that even though decades pass, you can`t and won`t sweat out. It teaches you that is never to late to find our soul mates, it shows the importance of stop hestitating and just go for it and that maybe, you`ll fail. But perhaps, just perhaps, something wonderful emerges.

“I am gone but please, find me, play for me”


Whereas many people are upset about this novel, I am rather satisfied. Of course, I would`ve loved a whole book about Elio and Oliver making love and swiming in the old house in Italy but I understand that life is just not like that and sometimes, things take longuer to fall into place. What`s more important for me is that eventually they find each other and cherish it because some people, just cannot be forgotten.

On the other side, it was nice to finally see Samuel`s life: revisit his past lovers, watch him as he finds his new one, many of the life lessons he learnt that later on he passes to Eliot and the other way around. The dynamic between Eliot and Samuel is just delightful and Miranda is a really complex and enjoyable character that fits Sammy perfectlty also, naming their son “Oliver” was a beutiful touch.

Meanwhile most hated that almost half of the book was about Eliot`s and Michel`s story, I consider that It shows the public that some people, as perfect as they are, as much as they care for us,  they just aren`t the ones for us. Eliot understood that Oliver would always be a part of him and that there wasn`t anyone for him, but I think that until Michel, he couldn`t come up with the courage to do something about it because with him, he finally got that he would never be trully happy without Oliver. However, I do consider that it could`ve been a bit shorter.

Finally, If I were to point out negative aspects of this book, I have to say that I was confused in several parts due to the drastic change of characters and time line but eventually, I managed to enroll in the author`s game. And I would`ve liked to see a bit more from Oliver`s perspective. Because while Elio`s realization about how badly he needed Oliver was slow but determinated, Oliver`s was rather rushed. I mean, all of the sudden he starts thinking about Elio and decides to do something about his love for him but I don`t understand why he didn`t do it sooner.

What did you think of this book? Let me know in the comments!



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