“The chilling adventures of Sabrina” season 2 first part-review

Hi everyone!

Last Friday, the second season of CAOS finally premiered and we, fans are thrilled!

Based on the comics with the same name that are also part of the Archieverse, the series have grown a huge fandom who developed a great love for the characters, and who also enjoy the vibe that the show carries. Is dark and morbid, but it’s also a little bizzarre.

Anyways so, the second season, finally premiered, on Netflix and today, I will be writing my opinion about the first half of it (episode 1 to episode 5).

After her dark baptism, the season sets off with a much darker Sabrina. She comfronts the injustices at the academy, and challenges Blackwood in every way she can. With Nick by her side, she’s unstoppable.

I know that this is an unpopular opinion but… I really love bitchy Sabrina and the pair she makes with Nick. This is because, with Harvey, I think that she was always hiding or trying to change that half witch inside her that was part of herself too. Harvey told her he accepted her but, I think it’s all lies, it’s like when he saw all the good stuff that magic brought, he was delighted but then, the minute things became difficult he just turned his back on her. He didn’t let Sabrina be her whole self when she was with him.

On the other side, Nick, already knows the dark stuff that Sabrina carries, and he acceptes her. And not only that, because, one may say that maybe it was because he was already used to that things because he was a warlok but, he also gets to see her mortal side and doesn’t run away. He understands that Sabrina is not only darkness, as well as she’s not only light.

I just don’t get why Sabrina always comes down to Harvey when she knows that their relationship is toxic. And yeah, I know that being with Nick is risky but, at least she should give their relationship a real chance not just half of herself.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Spellman family, is a total mess. Hilda, finally discovered what her boyfriend was but, they could fix it. Zelda, on the other hand, is getting into a big mess. I just stan her so much and it jurts to see her behind the shadow of that asshole Blackwood. And finally, dear old Ambrose. What the hell happened to you? Really, like at first, I blamed it on Luke even though I couldn’t believe it because I really liked Luke. But then, he started acting all alone. I mean cheating on him? With Prudence? What kind of person does that? He’s just not himself and i can’t understand what’s happening to him. After Luke’s death, he doesn’t slow down, he fills himself withmore rage and… I understand that but, there’s something off and I can’t quite put my finguer on it.

The weird fucking sisters, who I really liked, until dthey became so annoying! Prudence has gotten all this Blackwoodness all over herself and now, she’s a nanny! And she feels proud when high priest  treats her like scum! What the hell happened with her? Where’s that badass witch we all know? And then, well the other two are bitchy like always.

Anyways I have to say that I’m really liking this new season so far, the Lilith/Mrs. Wardwell plot scene is really hooking me and there’s a lot of LGBTQ+ representation and femminism for example, Sussie finally brought to light the truth about how she felt and now, she’s Theo, and he’s happier than ever. And the way Sabrina and Madam Satan fight machism and oppresion everywhere? Amazing. Regarding new couples, I really like Nick and Sabrina. I think Roz and Harvey is rather bizzarre. I always imagined Roz ending up with Theo but I guess that the couple is alright. I don’t know, I really don’t care.

I think that’s all! Soon I will post my review about the second part of the season.

Love, always.

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