Camp Jupiter Classified: A Probatio´s Journal by Rick Riordan

With all this news about our beloved book series Percy Jackson finally being taken to a faithful adaptation in Disney Plus with the participation of our dear Uncle Rick, the release of this brand new book to the PJO Universe got kind of lost between all the news. So here I am, to tell you a bit about it, and why you should definitely read it!

 Camp Jupiter Classified: A Probatio´s Journal it´s the version of Camp-Half Blood Confidential which was released in 2017 but instead of being destined to the Greek demigods, it´s meant for the Roman ones.

This book is essentially the ultimate guide for Roman campers to get accustomed to their new life at camp. But this time, we get to see everything from the eyes of a young Provatio that just started at the camp. Of course, she gets to live her share of adventures, and we get to see familiar faces, like Frank Zhang and Reyna Avila Ramirez Arellano.

“It’s the February after Gaea’s defeat. Camp Jupiter, like everyone else, should be celebrating.

But something is causing chaos.

Mysterious, sinister incidents are wreaking havoc throughout the camp. Tensions are high, and suspicion quickly falls on Claudia, the Fourth Cohort’s newest probatio. After all, the mischief started shortly after she stumbled into camp.

To find out the truth, delve into the pages of Claudia’s personal journal. Through her eyewitness accounts, you’ll visit the crime scenes – a row of seats in the coliseum, an underground aqueduct tunnel – and see the bizarre events unfold.

And you’ll be right alongside Claudia when she discovers an ancient secret that may hold the key to Camp Jupiter’s safety.”


As much as I enjoyed this read, it wasn´t anything special, just enough to entertain myself for a few hours, which, in quarantine, it comes quite handy huh? However, we must pay attention because who´s to say that Claudia won´t appear in the new “The Trials Of Apollo” book? With Rick, we never know…

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I enjoyed writing it. And please stay tuned if you want to read more on Percy Jackson! As soon we get more news about the series, I´ll make sure you´re the first to know!

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