THE BIGGEST EVENT OF THE YEAR- Crisis On Infinite Earths (part 1), review

Every year, DC organizes a crossover between all (or some) of the shows in the Arrowverse. Basically, in an event of more than one episode (that starts in one show and continues in another)  in which the heroes join forces to defeat a mutual and dangerous enemy that might change everyone’s fate forever.

Past crossovers, were super acclaimed by the fans such as Invasion!, Crisis On Earth X, and Elseworlds. And the audience always waits anxiously to see what they might have in store for them next. However, this year the preparation was different: Crisis On Infinite Earths was announced a long time ago and ever since every show has been getting their viewers ready for what might happen next; Leaving hints, signs, appearances of mysterious Gods and much more…

Now, the time of preparation is over December 8th, the dreaded date has finally arrived. Let the Crisis begin…



For a long time, the God Mar Novu (also known as The Monitor) has been trying to prevent a crisis that would arrive soon to destroy reality and the multiverse itself. This catastrophic threat was occasioned by the God´s nemesis, the Anti Monitor (lame name, right?) who just keeps arising and getting bigger until there is no longer a threat but fate itself. That´s when Mar Novu decides that this job can´t be done by himself and decides to recruit the Multiverse´s greatest heroes to help him defeat the end.

He decides to start with Oliver Queen, the emerald archer who started all who had promised him during the previous crossover that he would give his life to the cause when the time came if The Monitor spared Kara and Barry´s lives. The hero is forced to abandon his family in order to perform several tasks that would prepare himself and the whole world for Crisis.

Meanwhile, throughout the whole season of The Flash, it is also hinted that Barry would have to do the ultimate sacrifice of his life in order to save the world from what´s coming.



Unlike any previous crossover, Crisis (…)  was divided into two blocks of three and two episodes each.


  •           Supergirl, S05 Eo9  (aired December 8th, 2019)
  •           Batwoman, S01 E09 (aired December 9th, 2019)
  •           The Flash, S06 E09 (aired December 10th, 2019)



  •            Arrow S08 E08 (will air January 20th, 2019)
  •           Dc Legends Of Tomorrow (will air January 20th, 2019)



This crossover is by far the CW´s biggest ambition and also the most hyped between fans, they promised us returning characters from different shows, death of our favorite characters, visiting different realities and earths, and they delivered. However, it wasn´t as epic as we expected and I think that the main cause of it is that having five episodes (a huge deal of time) they wasted it in silly scenes and things that weren´t too interesting in my opinion. For example, too many Supergirl scenes in which secondary characters discussed their relationships or small and stupid missions far too irrelevant for me to remember now.

On the other side, there were some good parts too. In my opinion, Oliver Queen´s storyline was the best, Stephen Amell outdid his character during this crossover and gave the performance of his life. During these episodes, I was proud to say “I am an Arrow fan” I cried my eyes out during THE scene ( if you saw the episode you will understand) and was delighted by the cameo of Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) (I still don’t know how his appearance fits within Lucifer´s storyline since he is supposed to be in Hell but I´m happy nevertheless.) And unlike popular opinion, I don´t think Oliver´s rescue mission was a totally “waste of time” because it was crucial for the following development.

Another unpopular opinion that I had is that I think that The Flash storyline was well resolved. Many thought that the problem we´ve been dealing with during the sixth season was solved much too easy. But let´s face reality here, we all knew that Barry wasn´t meant to die, and it was a good opportunity for a good character to make an ultimate sacrifice. Also, this event will leave some aftermath for Barry to deal with and I suspect that we will see more of it in the remaining of the season.

As for this part of the crossover, I don´t think there is much more to say. I really hope things get better for our paragons in the following episodes. As every article since she left, I want to express how this crossover would have been much better if Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) have been there.

See you in the following article!



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