The Arrowverse will change forever: Crisis On Infinite Earths part 4 & 5- Review

Last week, the most important and crucial even in the history of the Arrowverse, finally came to an end with the airing of the eighth episode of the eighth season of Arrow and a special episode of DC Legends Of Tomorrow. This gigantic, 5-part crossover, started last year with an episode of Batwoman, Supergirl, and The Flash (If you want to read my review on that first part, click HERE.) Which showed us how the dreaded crisis that each show has been preparing for finally arrived and how our favorite heroes started to deal with it. Meanwhile, this second half of the crossover, bad things have happened, and the worst is yet to come. Months have passed since the Anti-Monitor erased everything and everyone they know from existence with a wave of Anti-matter. The paragons, the only ones who remained, are hopeless, lost, they don´t know what else to do. Will they be strong enough to overcome this threat? Yes, they´ve beaten great things together before but this, is unlike anything they´ve been against to, will they perdure? Will they be strong enough to overcome this crisis?


This crossover impacted me and many Arrow fans all around the world in a different way. We all knew it was coming but still, there was no way to be prepared for it: the leader, the founder of the arrowverse itself dead. Stephen Amell gave the performance of his live portraying Oliver in these episodes, he had to make him different, wiser, someone who knew that every sacrifice was needed. And after that, he did Spectre Oliver which was huge too, seeing so much growth in one single character was fascinating. Still, I believe there´s more to it. There has to be more to it. All these seasons, years, have led to this moment: Where Oliver Queen sacrifices himself to save the universe and create prime earth but why did the Anti monitor returned and he didn´t? Besides, Mar Novu died during “Crisis” so, how does felicity reach out to him at the end of season 7 to go back to Oliver? that was a real downfall of this crossover. Felicity Smoak wasn´t there. When it came to Oliver´s death, her presence would´ve made it more real because besides from Sarah and Dig, nobody really mourned him, they just shed a few tears and started laughing again.

Regarding the Anti-Monitor, I consider that he was a good villain with a great story but I would´ve liked getting to know him a little bit better. And what I disliked about the subject is that they all talked about him as if he was this incredible force but in the end, they beat him with a simple idea that they could´ve used it earlier. Before Oliver´s death for example. And it just seemed rushed.

About The Flash, we didn´t get much about other characters like we usually have in other crossovers but Barry Allen was more than enough. Even though he doesn´t die at the end, preparing himself for the possibility of it, made him wiser, stronger as a hero, braver. Just like Oliver, he came in terms with the fact that he and the Flash can be beaten, and it can be the end of the story. And I´m excited to see how this idea will play out in the remainder of the season. Also, he proved himself as a leader not only in team Flash but to the whole arrowverse team. I still have no clue how Ezra Miller fits in all this mess.

Personally, I don´t have much to say about Supergirl because I don´t watch the show but Kara and her team occupied a good part of the crossover so I guess that now that Arrow is off the grid and with Prime Universe and all, we will be getting much more from her and Lex Luthor is annoying. Kate didn´t have much impact in this crossover because he has just started but I know that she will do great things, and I really ship her with Kara they are just the cutest.

Finally, this crossover, only made me love the Legends Of Tomorrow more. Sarah was amazing when she was in Arrow, I didn´t like her much but in Legends, she is a totally different person, she was a splendid captain, proving herself by leading The Flash, Supergirl, Superman, and Batwoman in times of need. And the whole crew brought the comic relief I needed after crying two hours straight.

In my opinion, the resolution of this crossover was pretty good, we got what we were promised and of course, there are some questions left but this sudden change of having all Earths united will shake everything up a bit and it was something that the arrowverse really needed and I think that it will make all the shows tighter. I can´t wait to see what they have in store for us next. Who knows? perhaps we get some Earth crossover too, it would be awesome to see the Titans caught up in this mess.


Hope you enjoyed this review as I enjoyed writing it!


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