Arrow Finale Review | Will this be the definite end of the green arrow?

Last week, Oliver Queen finally pulled up the hood one more time to give closure to this special show that has been with us since 2012. Whether you were a fan from the beginning or just dashed through the whole eight seasons last week, it aches completely to see this beautiful show go. After founding a whole universe of heroes and giving birth to more than five new series, we fans refuse to believe that this is the end of the hood. This show started with Oliver Queen, it was about him and his mission: mending his father´s wrongdoings. But after 170 episodes, the show gave a completely different turn, it became in something greater than just one character, but in millions who were inspired by him, how he marked and created heroes, legends. So perhaps, his journey has ended but, what´s in store for the ones who were left behind?


“Dying´s the easy part. The real heroes are the ones who have to keep going.”

-Oliver Queen



Arrow S08 E10- review

It tears me up to know that this will be the last review I will ever write about this show but I know we got a deserving end so, let´s make it a good one.

The episode starts with showing us what Oliver´s last deed: everyone he´s ever lost over the course of the last eight years, came back and all crime was erased from Star City. He finally finished his crusade, he saved the city. Even though this was definitely an expected Oliver Queen move (we know that he feels deeply guilty for all these deaths and never really stopped blaming himself for them) personally, I think it was a pretty risky move for the writers to make because it leaves too much space for possible “what ifs”. All this loss changed Oliver in different ways and if he hadn´t lost them, I don´t think he would be the same man he was when he died. Who knows? maybe if he didn´t feel that guilty he wouldn´t have had the need to put back the hood in season four when he was in his “retirement” with Felicity. And therefore, he wouldn´t save everyone from Crisis and the whole universe would be nonexistent.

And regarding “Star City: a crime-free zone” even though it is quite nonsensical (suddenly all bad people disappear? Or have the sudden urge to be good people?) I really liked this because is Oliver´s last wish, his final legacy, what he fought the past eight years for: having all his loved ones safe.

Then, we get to see how some of Oliver´s friends get interviewed by Marcia Pedowitz who initially was in charge of producing the emerald archer documentary that after Oliver´s death, became a memorial and I have to admit that I got so emotional here, everyone talked about him and seeing Diggle cry was heartbreaking.

Finally, the threat for this episode appeared: William Queen was kidnapped. (Sounds familiar? Maybe because the same thing happened to adult version of William last episode.) And even though it gets solved quite quickly, it is a matter of great importance because we get to see the whole gang together for the first time in this season. And when I say whole, I mean everyone, adult version of Mia, Curtis and his boyfriend, Roy and Thea, Sarah Lance and overall, our queen, Felicity Smoak-Queen. Words cannot describe how much I missed her during these past nine episodes. While in the present the team was focused on getting William back, we got to see some flashbacks of season one Oliver: How he distrusts Diggle, how he carelessly murders anyone who gets on his way and so. These scenes were meant to show us why William was kidnapped but I think that they were really there for us to see how much Oliver has changed over the years, the man who died during Crisis was far from the one who pulled up the hood for the first time. He passed from being someone who didn´t care about anything but his mission to being a husband, father, friend, hero.

A lot of things break down after William is saved by his sister of all people who decides to have mercy on the kidnapper. And Oliver Queen´s funeral happens, which I´m too tearful to describe right now but let me tell you is beautiful, satisfying and sad of course. We get to see how everyone´s life go on from that moment on and that´s it. Or is it?

We flash forward to 2040, Felicity asks Mar Novu to take her to Oliver and there it is: Olicity finds each other one last time, Moira´s office, firsts times and a red pen. Is all they needed to make this scene wonderful.

I really loved the ending of this show, it was bittersweet of course but it gave closure for everyone and that´s all I really wanted, a happy ending.


Is this the ending of the Green Arrow

As I stated before, this might have started with one man but it turned out to be something bigger. So, the death of the man behind the hood is not the end of the hero. Someone always can take the mantle. In this case, we are talking about Mia Smoak Queen who will have her own spin-off with Dinah and earth two Laurel that still hasn’t been picked up but is on the works.

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