2020 Mid-Year Book Tag!

Hello everyone! Welcome to Sara Scrive! Today, instead of my usual reviews/updates about books, movies, and TV shows, I decided to bring you a book tag! And given that we are almost in the middle of 2020, I found this one the most fitting for. I hope that between my reads so far during this year you find your next read or some interesting titles to put in your TBR.

The ultimate, 2020 mid-year book tag.

1. What is the best book/series you have read so far in 2020?

This one, I reply without hesitation. Even though I have read some wonderful books so far this year, none of them stole my heart the way Tales From Verania by TJ Klune did. It´s a book series that consists of four books in total (and a fifth one, due next year) about wizard Sam Of Wilds and his friends as they defeat the dark forces of magic. It´s a queer and lovely story, in which Tj Klune manages once again to make us laugh hysterically, even as he teaches us the most beautiful and passionate life lessons about friendship, love, and doing what´s right, even if it hurts like hell. I recommend it 100%. If you want to read more about this series, check out the article I wrote about them HERE.

2. What is the best sequel you have read so far in 2020?

I have read very few sequels as far as 2020 goes although one I enjoyed very much was One Of Us Is Next by Karen M. McManus which is the sequel to One Of Us Is Lying by the same author. The first book caused furor between the young adult reader community, everyone was talking about it, about how wonderful it was and how much they loved it. And to be honest, I didn’t quite get the hype, since it wasn´t a life-changing book for me and I didn’t enjoy it very much, I couldn´t stand the main characters and the plot was bland at it´s best. That is why I didn´t have many expectations for this sequel (if none at all) and surprisingly, I ended up liking it a huge lot! It was a pretty neat experience for me. Since it´s a sequel, I cannot tell you many details about it without spoiling it but if you want my full review on it, you can check out the article I wrote about it HERE. 

3. What is your most anticipated release for the second half of the year?

Well as for this question, I cannot limit myself to one single answer! I actually wrote an article about it back at the beginning of the year HERE. But since then, many things have happened, more books were announced, and release dates were moved due to obvious reasons so, you can expect a fully detailed article about it from me soon. As for now, I will go with the sequel of Red Scrolls of Magic, The Lost Book Of The White by Cassandra Clare, that will be released on September 1st, 2020.

4. What was your biggest disappointing book so far?

My biggest disappointment so far was Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell I went there with a lot of hype and expectations because of all the testimonies that claim that it´s their favorite book and that they love it but for me, it wasn´t that big of a deal, I really couldn´t stand the characters, and was uninterested in their love affair and after this book, I finally decided that I dislike Rainbow Rowell as an author (carry on being the only exception.)

5. What was your biggest surprising book so far?

To answer this question I have to return to my favorite author, Tj Klune, and his most recent book The House In The Cerulean Sea that book sought places in my heart that I certainly didn´t expect and made me start appreciating some things in life that I didn´t before. Since it was from Tj, I just knew I was going to like it, but I never expected it to be this heartwarmingly beautiful. It is literally, a tender hug within a book. If you want my full review about the book check out THIS link.

6. Who is your new fictional boyfriend?

That is definitely Aaron Warner from the Shatter Me series by Tehereh Mafi. I have only two books left to finish the series so expect a review from me soon!

7. What is the book that made you cry the most?

That has to be All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. Initially, I read it in order to watch the movie adaptation with the same name that was released on Netflix earlier this year but I ended up loving it in ways I couldn´t imagine. And what´s funny is that in the end, I loathed the movie. HERE you can find my full review on it.

8. What is your newest favorite female protagonist?

That has to be the wonderful Cordelia Carstairs from the book Chain Of Gold by Cassandra Clare, that girl is fierce and always stands up for what is right, I love her so much that I am ready to name her the queen of The Shadowhunter Chronicles. She was also a big surprise since I didn´t expect to like her so much. If you want to read more about this book, check out the article I wrote about it HERE.

9. What is the longest book you have read in this year so far?

The longest book I have read so far is The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, which is 753 pages long. The book is about an architect named Howard Roark who had modernist ideas about the subject for his times and was continuously despised from them, and still, no matter how hard others tried to put him down, he managed to reach the top. This novel talks about Objectivism, the idea that people should make individual and objective desitions and Humanism, that humans hold the power and importance to change. And I simply think that this is the most influential book I have ever read, opening my mind to a new world, a new way of being and existing that I didn’t think was even possible. If I had to make a list of books that everyone should read, this would be definitely one of them.

10. And lastly, how many books have you read so far this year?

Up to the date, I have read the amount of 52 books.

Well, that is all for today folks! I hope you enjoyed this tag and find it useful! If you want to use it, remember to tag me in it so I can read it!


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