Wayward Son by Rainbow Rowell-Review why is it so polemic?

If you have been following this blog closely, you are more than aare how excited me and the whole Carry On fandom were for this sequel that was finally released on September 24h. I got it first thing in the morning and started reading it as soon as I could and I finished it that same day. I went to bed with a bitter taste in my mouth. It wasnt what I expected, I felt robbed and disappointed. And when I checked with the rest of the fandom, many had the same opinion and here are the reasons why...

It was highly unrealistic if we compare it to the first book. It felt like the author completely ignored carry on, all the development and issues they went through as characters and as a couple where forgotten. Of course I understand that Snowbaz would have issues, its naural but their lack of communication was largely exagerated and they were stuck in the same point the whole book. Rainbow gave us little detail about why they did the things they did and forgot many things that she introduced at the beginning.

The rest of the characters, where plain and forced, including Penny the couples best friend who didnt fit in with the dynamic of the book and we were given little detail about her life and there wasn`t any development.

Finally, regarding the plot, I remained deeply insatisfied with the lack of detail and development of the problem of the book. Is pretty rushed and a bit boring and overwhelming. i was too busy concentrated in figuring out what the heck was happening to SnowBaz to care about some vampires.

Judging from the breath taking cliff hanger at the end, we are pretty sure we will be getting a third book in this series. The love that Simon and Baz have is still there… and they will overcome any battle.

Rowell wrote this book in a pretty rushed and undetailed way. We all understand that she had a lot of work but as fans, we didnt deserve this. Cath wouldnt approve.




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