Villains- V. E. Shwab Review

Victoria Shwab, AKA: V. E. Shwab is one of the most remarkable contemporary authors. With just 32 years, she’s written over 15 books for children and teenagers. One of her most popular books is the Villains series which includes a prequel, a duology, and a third upcoming book. And today, I’m going to tell you about them.

 The series kick-off with a prequel that is also a short novella titled ” Warm Up” in which the author introduces us to this new world where there are rare people who possess special powers. They are called EOs. Extra Ordinaries. Most people don’t believe in them until they see one for themselves…

   The first official book in the series, “Vicious” follows to premedical students: Victor Vale and Eli Cardale. While working in a thesis about human emotion and adrenaline, they discover that under the right circumstances becoming an EO is much closer than most think… However, everything goes sideways. Victor goes to jail and after ten years from that first experiment, he finally gets out with one goal: destroy Eli Cardale.

   Personally, I didn´t love this book as much as other fellow readers did. Although I really enjoyed it. The author´s prose is excellent and her characters are pretty clever and diverse. We explore the terrain of good and evil. While reading this book, my reader instinct told me to pick the good side but in this book, there wasn´t one. Everyone acted for themselves and everyone believed they were heroes. Also, through the pages, I could feel Eli and Victor´s history, the attraction that brought them together, and the ambition that grew them apart.

The sequel to this series, “Vengeful” is far more rotten. Shwab does know how to manage an atrocious mind and she´s not scared to write up to the most morbid situation you could ever imagine. In this book, we get to see more perspectives and characters that just look out for themselves. We also read a little bit of the story from the other side…

In my opinion, although “Vengeful” is far more dynamic and interconnected, I enjoyed “Vicious” better. Because in the sequel there are far too many characters that overwhelmed me and whose stories I didn’t care much about. There are so many subplots that distract you from the main problem.

Just for you fans to know… V. E. Shwab is already working on a third book! We still don´t know much about it yet but we´re hoping for news soon.


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