What if it’s us-Adam Silvera and Becky Albertalli

Last month, my two contemporary favorite authors, released their first book together and I can’t be more happy!

If their names don’t ring a bell to you, here are some of their well-known books:

  • “They both die at the end” by Adam Silvera.
  • “History is all you left me” by Adam Silvera.
  • “Simon vs the homo-sapiens agenda” by Becky Albertalli.
  • “Leah on the offbeat” by Becky Arbertalli.

“What if it’s us” follows the story of two teenage boys, Arthur Seuss from Georgia that’s spending his summer as an intern in New York for his mother’s firm. He’s new to love and struggling to fit in New York. He’s also very sensitive and intelligent, in fact he is planing to go to Yale. On the other side, meet Ben Alejo, a native New Yorker with Puerto Rican roots, that just broke up with his last boyfriend, Hudson, and is also going to summer school. Ben’s a dreamer, he’s currently writing a fantasy book.

One day, Ben decides to send back to his ex-boyfriend all his stuff. In the post-office, he meets Arthur, they flirt a bit but they separate without exchanging numbers. After looking for each other for a long time, when they are about to lose hope, they find each other again. That´s were their Broadway love story begins.

Still, what if they don´t have a perfect first date? or a second? or a third?

What if although they love each other, they can´t make it work?

What if one of them doesn’t try hard enough?

What if it´s us?


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