Toy Story 4 review- Was it really necessary? There will be a fifth instalment on the series?

Toy Story is one of the most iconic movies of my childhood. I mean someone finally showed us what were our toys up to when we weren’t there. And it was amazing. Not even mentioning all the values and morals the movies carried within. And I’m sure that many of you can agree with me when I say that I was thrilled to know there was going to be a fourth one. So, as soon as the film premiered, I went to the cinema right away to travel back to my chilhood for a while.

I think the movie itself was prety good. It was entretaining and hilarious ofcourse, the plot wasn’t that complex because we have to keep in mind that this movie is meant for kids. It served its porpouse really. And I loved how in these “silly” plots they teach valuable life lessons and morals. Like for example, how sometimes is better to let go of things, and that even though the past was good and you miss it, life moves on and you don’t have to be afraid to change because it can be good.

Even though objectively is a pretty good movie, I was in a rage when I left the theatre. Because I wasn’t satisfied with the movie in terms of characters, relationships, development and the ending. As a fan I didn’t like that the old toys didn’t have much protagonism or the fact that Woody wasn’t Bonnie’s favorite toy as it was with Andy, but that’s mostly personal stuff. Also, I think that this movie isnot as good as the other three, not even close.

And if you ask me was this movie necessary? Not really. The series could have ended in the third film perfectly but it was cool to have a chilhood memory back.


As far as I’m concerned, no. Although the fourth movie does leave place for further development, it took 9 years for Pixar to announce the continuation so I wouldn’t expect anything soon. But who knows, never say never.


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