Thunderhead- review

Title: Thunderhead

Author: Neal Shusterman

Release Date: January 9th, 2018

Sequel, series or stand-alone? second in the Arc Of Scythe trilogy

Previous book: Scythe (read my review on it HERE.)

Following book: The Toll

Main characters: Rowan Damish, Scythe Faraday, Scythe Goddard, Citra Terranova, Scythe Curie.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆


NOTE: Scythe spoilers below.

Last week, I posted an article on the first book in this trilogy, (The Arc Of Scythe) that follows the lives of Citra Terranova and Rowan Damish two teenagers that live in a perfect world where everyone is immortal and governed by artificial intelligence called “The Thunderhead” that takes care of everything in the world, but death.

People are immortal and that makes overpopulation a serious matter, that´s why humans have to act like death. That is the job of the Scythedom, an organization in charge of gleaning subjects that in the mortal age would´ve died and in this way, preserve humankind.

Rowan and Citra met during the year of apprentices under Scythe Faraday´s wing and loved each other… but they were parted and sent to very different scythes: while Citra got Scythe Curie, an “old guard” scythe, that believed that gleaning should be done with mercy and compassion;  Rowan got Scythe Goddard, a “new order”  scythe, fan of mass gleanings that stood for the idea that scythes should enjoy their job. If this wasn´t enough, they have the pressure that only one of them will reach the Scythedom and the other, will be gleaned.

In this second book, things are different. Citra Terranova no longer exists. She is Scythe Anastasia and Rowan could escape and now devotes his time to illegally glean new order scythes with a black robe, as Scythe Lucifer. Meanwhile, we get introduced to new characters and some old get new development.

Tyger Salazar was Rowan´s best friend in school and is abandoned by his parents. So, he becomes a party boy for Goddard, a corrupt scythe that has nasty plans for him.

Greyson Tolliver was abandoned by everyone in his life, his parents never cared for him and he didn´t have any friends. But it didn´t matter: the Thunderhead is always there for him and they trust each other deeply. But what happens when the Thunderhead turns Greyson into a criminal to perform a task that no one knows about? Will he give in into becoming  Slade, his street name, or will he have the strength to recover who he once was?



Honestly, this book was even better than the last one. However,    I´m not fully convinced with this trilogy, I like and enjoy the books, but I don´t love them.

I really like the introduction of new characters as Greyson and their stories were very interesting and useful to not get too overwhelmed with Citra and Rowan. Also, I found displeasure in the author´s prose. Sometimes, is tiring and unnecessary long.

What stunned me about this book are the unexpected turns and plot twists that happen, they left me with my mouth opened!

I hope you enjoy this book and don´t hesitate in leaving your opinion down below in the comments!





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