Team Arrow is back! Stay the hell out of Star City.

In this week’s all new “Arrow” episode, the vigilantes are forced to adapt to the SCPD rules and boundaries and… it’s not going that well. In the future, Mia and William have some ups and downs but, they finally get to listen the “message” that Felicity left them. Also, badass Black Siren discovers who’s behind Diaz’s death and confronts traitor Emiko Queen in a not very smart way.

I just love that after Felicity got pregnant, now, we get to see cute Olicity moments more frequently. I mean, Oliver flattering his wifey is just priceless. So, even though they decide to keep it a secret, the couple decides to tell the news to Diggle because duh, he’s like their best friend ever since the begging.

What’s also very interesting, is to watch how their future baby has a lot of impact on the decitions they make. For example, Oliver, at first decides to roll on patiently with the SCPD becuause he didn’t want trouble but then, he just suits up and goes to the field on solo mission with Felicity as Overwatch because they want to make Star City a better place for the baby and, nine months is a short time.


Little do they know what their baby is up to cause, in the future… William and Mia are looking for an old artefact so, they can listen to Felicity’s message. When they finally do, sha apologises for keeping them apart and tells them both again how much they love them. Also she gives them some coordenates for the team and, she tells them to get the hell out of Star City! However, knowing their parrents children, they go looking for the coordenates that lead them to the Glades.

Back in 2019, Oliver’s mission fails and he decides to open the new-old team Arrow again! Thanks to Felicity, they have a brand new bunker. Diggle talks some sense into him using the “you’re having a baby” card. Then, Dinah shows up with good news: they will be still working with the SCPD but, in their own unit, they can have suits and work in the bunker. So… yep you heard right Team Arrow is back!

Finally, the third plot line that we got on this episode, is that our friendly prisioner at Slabslide, Bronze Tiguer summons Laurel to tell her the news about Diaz. He also claimsthat he knows the killer who’s nonetheless than Emiko Queen! I think that makes sense cause she’s working withDante and Diaz owed him a huge deal of money so… everything’s possible.


I really loved this episode! I can’t wait for more!

Love always.


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