Six of Crows duology by Leigh Bardugo- Review

     Six people, an impossible heist and a huge reward.

With this premise, Leigh Bardugo sets off in Six of Crows set in Ketterdam, a city for traders and merchants where everything can be had for the right price. Then, the story changed. One heist became multiple ones, the odds were less likely than ever, but those six people remained. That´s where Crooked Kingdom takes off and finishes (temporarily) with this beloved series in the YA community and today, I will fangirl over them for a while, just for you.

These are not the first books Leigh Bardugo has written in this universe. The Grishaverse was created by her with the Shadow and bone trilogy but there´s no need for you to read them to understand this duology.

As I mentioned before, the books that feature in this duology are Six of Crows and Crooked kingdom, they both have around 400 and 50o  pages so, they might seem a little scary but, I promise you that Bardugo´s prose is magnificent and so addictive that you´ll finish them in no time.

These books feature six main characters that thanks to this big heist, they have to form a crew and face impossible challenges. This “job” might have started just for the reward but soon enough, our characters realize that they got mixed up in the middle of a war between different countries and is their job to not only prevent it but, protect their city at all costs.

Our main crew features Kaz Brecker, the leader; Inej Ghafa aka The Wraith, Kaz´s best soldier and confident; Jesper Fahey, a shooter who   can´t turn his back on any bet; Wylan Van Eck a merchling with a privileged past; Nina Zenik a Grisha who uses her magic to survive and Matthias, a former soldier who struggles with his nation. The beauty in them is that besides from having rich backstories and strong personalities, they are not even close to heroes, they are damaged and don´t always make the most human decisions. But they aren´t villains neither, they are everything in between.

If this isn´t enough to convince you to read these books, here´s something more: This duology is full of representation, there are from lgbtq+ characters to ones with color and disabilities. It was really interesting to see this kind of representation in a fantasy book because, mostly, I just see them in contemporary books and they seemed very natural and not forced.

I can reassure you that after this duology, you will be asking for more and don´t worry! because we´re expecting news for a new book soon.

Have a good reading!


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