“You have saved this city” Arrow 7×22- The end of an era and, the beginning of a new one?

Since 2012, Arrow has been the most remarcable shows in the arrowverse and being a fan of this series was a big journey. We’ve suffered everything that went down, but we also celebrated when things turned out okay. We’ve loved Oliver Queen and we’ve hated Oliver Queen, we saw beloved faces come and go, OTA, and NTA, every villain and every doomed soul that was to mess with Oliver. Personally, I thought that this series would last forever, making me company during shallow and great days. However, the end arrived faster than we though it would be. With the last second, of the last episode, of season seven, the end of an Era. It was the hell of a journey.

This season, started with problems that we thought much bigger. Oliver was in prision, and the whole team was scattered around the city with no intention of rejoining. Felicity was taking a darker path too. Eventualy, he was liberated and Diaz was finally stopped. However, things were far from okay. A new emerald archer is in town. Emiko Queen, Oliver’s lost sister. Who we though was good but then, turned out to be rotten, but    Oliver, never gave up on her. He gave Emiko every chance to redeem herself and just before she gave her last breath, she finally did. Oliver’s steadfast compassion is one of my favorite things from his personal development. In this episode, all these storylines come to an end. However 7×22 is not focused on that, is much more an emotional closure to the series.

One might say, there’s still another season but, it will not be the same. Emily Bett Rickards (felicity), the heart and soul of the series, won’t be there and something tells me that Oliver  neither.

I have to say that the end surpriced me, I thought that we wouldn’t see what bargain Oliver made with the monitor until next year’s crosover. I’m suffering so much, and my heart was broken into a million pieces but, I’m a happy fan. Because, I know that even though Oliver and Felicity will be apart for twenty years, Felicity will eventually find  him. Because, they are the very best part of each other and they are bigger than any crisis the world might bring.

And now what?

At the end of the season, we could see Oliver’s real legacy, the one he’s been fighting for eight years. Mia and William Queen, Connor Hawke and Zoe Ramirez. The adults finally leave the city and won’t come back for a long time. They are all that’s left. Starcity new heroes.

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