Save “One Day At A Time”!

“One Day At A Time” is a series rebooted by Netflix after the original serie’s finale 33 years ago. This show follows a 38 veteran single mother, veteran from the war, who lives with her cuban family in Los Angeles while phasing every day issues and nowaday topics, inviting you to try to live with them, one day at a time.

When Netflix brought back this show, they decided to add to this wonderful mix important topics like, coming out, being openly part of the lgbtq+ community, addiction, alcoholism, being a single mother and much more. As you can see, in this show, there are not tabus and I think that’s great because there are very few shows that dare to talk about all this stuff. And also, it makes the show very inclusive and kind of like an auto-help series. Because you can seek for help in the show if you can’t at home.


Anyways, after running for three seasons, the third just dropped on Netflix this month. The network announced that they weren’t sure they would be renewing the show for a fourth season because, even though they love it, there are just not enough viewers. And I can’t uderstand that because, this show is one of the best there is and that’s why, we need your help. If you can watch the series and tell your friends to do so, it would be great, you would be helping a great deal.


In this series, people don’t fight demons, have super powers or stab each other in the back. They are just a normal cuban family who have issues and insecurities who try to live through the day. What’s also very important is that they are not perfect, they are just human like any of us. For example, we have Penny, the protagonist, a single mother, war veteran who struggles with anxiety and depression from the war. Elena, the oldest daughter, who is very feminist and proud. She’s super intelligent and tries to fight these little things that happen that contribute to machism. Schneider, the rich lanlord that is also a very close friend to the family that has abandonment issues who also struggles with sobriety on alcoholism and drug addiction. Ofcourse, we can’t forget Lydia, la abuelita of the family who is a true cuban and catholic and is used to old customs but is trying get to know better these new customs which of course are better, but obviously the change is different.


If these weren’t enough reasons for you to watch the showband recomend it to your friends, here’s one more, as they are a latin family, they speak in spanish very often so, you can pick up ome words really easy.

I really hope we can save them!

Love always,



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