Riverdale´s musical episode- Jughead sings!

After last year´s musical where Midge was murdered, Kevin decides to roll the dice again this time  with the farm´s support and Evelyn Evernever as co-director, with a new musical based on the original play where teens deal with depression and  bullying. Where there are several social groups stabled at high-school. “The Heathers” are three girls named Heather who rule the school.

There weren´t much songs this time but, they were awesome. One of them is “Seventeen” that talks about that we know they are strong and that they can bare it. But, the Riverdale kids shouldn´t be dealing with everything even though they can. They are just Seventeen.

Then, the play also includes another of my favorite songs that is “Beautiful” where the teens admit that they can be kind to each other and that that’s the better way. Also, they sing about their issues that happen because this lack of kindness.

Betty and Jughead

When the episode starts, Jughead is looking for places where his mom could be starting her drug cooking. Then, surpricingly, his father tells him that their trailer was stolen. So, he puts one and one together and figures that his mum might be using it. After the serpents track it down, he asks Betty to help him burning it down! Then,  they passionatedly kiss in the car with all flames arround them. Midways the episode, Jughead gets a major crisis thinking, how did I get here? When did things got so bad? How did we came from veing little kids to having a dealer as a mother? Betty calms him down by singuing “Seventeen” and he joins her singuing in his big debut.

Veronica and Reggie

V starts the ep in a very sad way as she listens the news that everyone expected. Hermione and Hiram are finally getting a divorce. To cheer herself up, she hooks up with Reggie. That night means a great deal to him. However, she didn’t think so. Then, he discovers the truth of that and leaves her.

Archie and Josie

Their relationship comes to life, and let´s say… that Josie is not exactly thrilled by it. So… the newest Riverdale couple has their first fight. However, after a lovebird´s sing along, they kiss and make up.

Toni and Cheryl 

Talking about kissing and make up… for the ones who´ve been following the series, know that Choni has been having some relationship trouble and on this week, things get to their very climax. Cheryl starts bullying Toni and they have a couple of bitch fight songs together. But, eventually, they get tired of fighting and decide that their love for each other is greater than any quarrel. So… they make up.

The Evernever’s

Our lovely Evelyn, this week while she was co-directing the play and doing stupid  talks to get under the skin of the rest, she was also trying to plan the best play ever to impress his famous and myterious father, Edgar who finally appears dramatically at the end of the episode.

“I knew father would like it.”

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