“Red, White and Royal Blue”: the new YA contemporary book that will melt your heart.

Everyone enjoys a good, light and heart-felt story from time to time right? Something to distract you from your mundane worries for a while and leave you with a smile on your face and a dizzy feeling of love and cuteness. Oh man, I wish life were like that for me at least, it is for some…

Alex claremont-Diaz is the first son of America, he is almost 23 years old and he’s finishing politics career at University, all his life he was the golden boy the closest to a prince the USA had. After an unfortunate acciden his nemesis, the dull and and boring prince of England Henry, they are forced to pretend to be best friends and spending time together just for the cameras. After getting to know each other better (and some texting) far away from hating him, Alex starts finding in Henry more than a friendship.

Personally, I loved this book! All the reader community was talking about it and I couldn’t understand why so much fuzz and hype around this book but after reading it, I couldn’t do anything but to continue the hype!

This book is perfect if you are looking some time away from your real-life issues and to spend your weekend away reading because is so very addictive, I couldn’t set my eyes from the pages, the author’s words captivated me; The way she meticulously worked on each character, every asset and emotion they had was so complex and amazing; Their dialogs, every word that came from Henry’s mouth was precious. Also, she worked very well on the character developments because she managed to make them grow up so much in just 300 pages.

Our main characters, have everything we love, on one side, we have Alex, sassy, a little too confident and with hilarious remarks; And then, we have Henry, full of british charm and grace, he was born to be a poet, his words are gold.

If romance is not your thing then, you can be amuzed by the world building and politics. In this book, Alex’s mom is campaining for the re-election and things get really hot and heavy, who would said politics where so juicy? I have to say that I honestly felt it was election year.

The author, didn’t only outdid herself with the main characters but, with the secondary characters too, Alex’s family was EVERYTHING. Sometimes, they were a little harsh on him but there was always love.

And if these weren’t enough reasons to convince you to read this book, here’s another one, this book, is the perfect reading for #pridemonth because we get to witness these two people who love each other so much but can’t show who they are because of others, and also It was really useful for me to get in the shoes of all these people around the world and really want to help them anyway I can. And this book, is also for people who can’t be themselves without being judged, who can’t love who they wnant freely without being chased, it gives us hope, that one day soon enough everything will be better that maybe, right now, you can’t feel it but there are people all over the world who will accept you and love you as you are.

You might feel that I spoiled you everything with this review but trust me, this is just a little part of this wonderful book that is full of hope and angst and will fill your heart with the most beautiful feelings.

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