The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater- Why you should read these series

Blue Sargent, is the only ordinary girl in 300 Fox Way a place where every woman is a psychic. This made her the outsider, all her life, she never had any friends, nowhere to belong…
Until she met her Raven boys. Gansey, Ronan and Adam. They attended the most elite school in the small town of Henrietta. Despite her beliefs, Blue gets drawn into these boys life and joins them into the search of a sleeping Welsh king that would grant anyone who woke him a wish.
If this wasn`t enough to mess with a teenager life, every psychic she ever met told her the same thing, if she kissed her true love, he would die, and this was the year the prophecy would fulfill.
These series, contain four books that follow this story and another spin-off trilogy is due to the end of this year. Maggie Stiefvater has beautiful prose, she does the perfect mix of poetry, descriptions and salty dialogs. Her characters are very complex and deep, their personalities are easy to identify to if you`re a teenager. Some say that the main characters have stereotyped origins and maybe, that`s true. We have the bad guy, the leader, the poor one and the weird one. However, with every page, they evolve and at the very end of the series, you can see how much they grew and learned.
Another theme in this book is bonds, overall friendship. The friendship the main characters have is unbreakable and beautiful. They would literally follow each other to the end of the world. Gansey, is the leader of the gang and the beginning and end of the quest. He forms the group and every time I read him I could feel the respect he emulated. Every time he was on a scene it felt like a star entering the room. Also, love relationships are so cute and soft.
Besides the relationships and characters, the plots are important too. They are complex and full of mystery and layers over layers. Every time you think that you figured out something, things went sideways. Dreams also hold a great significance, dreamers, nightmares, everything is real.

The books that form the Raven Cycle are:
1. The Raven Boys.
2. The Dream Thieves.
3. Blue Lily, Lily Blue.
4. The Raven King.

And if you need more, there`s more! A spinoff trilogy is on the way that starts with Call Down the Hawk on the 5th of November of this year.

Enjoy the reading!

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