“Please tell me no one else is dead” HTGAWM season 5 finale

Finally, the day has arrived. The day where this awesome show leaves us with a thrilling cliffhanguer that we have to wait almost a year to get to know what will happen. Yes! I’m talking about the “How To Get Away With Murder” season 5 finale!

WARNING this article contains all kinds of spoilers about season 5 episode 15 ofthe ABC series “How To Get Away With Murder” procede under your own risk.

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So, honestly, this season finale really surpriced me. Because, I have to say that due to the fact that this season only has 15 episode, I thought that everything was going to feel very rushed and that things weren’t going to turn out right. There where too many loose ends and little time to wrap them all up. But, I was wrong. After ” I Want To Love You Until The Day I Die” I think this was my favorite episode in this season. (I mean, nobody can overcome Oliver’s and Connor’s wedding duh).


In this finale, there were a ton of flashbacks that explained, finally who really orchestrated Nate Senior’s death and, what paper Miller really had on this. We discovered that Xhavier Castillo was who really did the crime just to get back at Annalise for putting his father into prison and also, as we all suspected, he is working with the shady governor. Then, it turned out tha Miller was innocent. I have to say, that I never really believed that he was guilty after all. This means, that this season’s murder, was in vain. And that makes Nate and Bonnie really bad people. Because, in previouses seasons, the people that were killed by Annalise and the crew, deserved it.


Back in Caplan and Gold, Emmett was imprisoned by the FBI but, Annalise saves him. Sadly at the end of the episode, the governor, blames him for everything to the whole state. Then, we can see him gasping for air on the floor. First, I thought it was suicide but then, it comes clearly that is poisoning though, many fans say that he’s having a heart attack.

Finally, the most shocking cliff hanguer #whereisLaurel? At the end of the episode, after confronting her brother with Annalise, one second she’s walking next to Annalise and the next one, she’s gone. Frank rushes to the kids house where Cristopher, is no longuer there.

And that leaves us with tons of questions. Was she kidnapped? Or it was all planned so she could get Christopher away from the murders? I guess we’ll have to wait an year to find out.

Soon, I will be posting a bunch of theories about what on earth happened to Laurel and her son.

What do you think about this episode? Let me know in the comments!

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