Netflix´s “The last summer” was qualified as “The worst representation of teenagers ever seen”.- Was it that bad?

Have you ever wondered, what would happen, if Maia Mitchel (The Fosters), Kj Apa (Riverdale) and Tyler Posey  (Teen Wolf) starred in the same movie? Well, I think you probably imagined this awesome movie with super hot characters and deep storylines and character development. All this talent at once, it must be an epic movie. However, this was not the case. Far from recent young adult films that Netflix´s been producing, “The Last Summer” follows far to many different story lines to follow where each character is not proper introduced for the audience to actually care about them. Although it can entertain you a bit, is rather empty.

By now, you might be wondering what is this movie about huh?

Directed by William Bindley and written with his brother Scott, these 18/19 year-old teenagers that just finished high school are finally free to do whatever they want. At least, for one summer. Then comes, college, adult life and obligations all over again. They´ve got three months to sort all their shit, get wasted, hooking up with groupies and all that stuff that rich-white teens do during summer. We´re basically thrown these overly cliched characters, and they show us what they do in their summer.

*insert drumroll*

Here are our summer plots:

  • The cliched high school sweethearts destined to break up.
  • A dumb jerk who´s obsessed with getting laid, but is actually a good person at heart who has his own insecurities. (Wait a minute, haven´t I watched this before? Barney! someone´s looking for you!)
  • A pair of geeks who are the weirdos that for once want to have fun.
  • A medium-class girl who can´t afford college and is working her ass off to get in one.
  • And finally, our main story line, the cool girl film maker who, without winning the festival won´t be able to afford NYU and doesn´t have “time” for dating. And, the troubled musician that has his Columbia future set at his feet by his father, but wants to follow his own path.


Aside from this overly stereotyped characters, actual teens that watched the movie claimed that it was the worst representation of teenagers they ever saw. Not only because their language wasn´t of an 18 year old teen but, the scenes were cringe-worthy and unreal.

Although if you can really just get past all this negative points of the movie, there are some plots that actually are interesting and do represent struggles of actual teens. This film is your typical rom-com to watch in a sleep over with friends when you just wanna admire the good looks of the characters whose names you will forget as soon as you turn off the tv.

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