Hail & Farewell, Oliver Queen

When the CW renewed Arrow for their 8th season, nobody was surpriced. Stephen Amell posted the traditional photo to Instagram where he posses marking with his finguers the new season.

What if I told you, that it won’t happen anymore?  The terriblr rumours where finally confirmed by Amell on his social media:

“This has been a hell of a ride, we’ll finish this like with started”

After their eight season, Arrow won’t come back. This is not due to cancellation, is just that the show reached it’s time. I’ve been following the show for four years now, and it’s so difficult to immagine a world without Oliver Queen in it. I mean, “Arrow” is one of those shows who I thought would be arround forever, just like “Greys Anatomy” or “Supernatural” but I guess, that things eventually come to an end.


However, the burning question in my mind is: What will happen to Oliver? After “Elseworlds” we know that Oliver made an sketchy deal to save Barry’s and Kara’s life and asides, the eight season will only have 10 episodes, it will end just after next year’s crossover. So, all things lead to Oliver’s death. Just thinking of it makes my eyes burn with tears. Queen is one of the characters who taught me the most and we saw him grow a lot all these years. If breaks my hear for Felicity, and everyone. I just can’t bare it.


So, today I greet you with bad news.

You’ll be always in my heart,

Hail and Farewell, Arrow.

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