Gorilla Grodd vs. King Shark- The Flash 5×15

After an year of plotting and scheming evil plans to dominate the world, Grodd, finally managed to escape the high security Argus Prision he was in. Now, he’s stronger than ever. And this time, The Flash is not fast enough to stop them.

This week, Cisco’s meta-human cure is finished and they are ready to test it. Luckily, they know just the right man. King Shark, who’s been working with Tanya Lamden so, he can learn to communicate again. When they are about to inject the cure, Shark suddenly has a stroke that makes him attack Cisco and Barry, on his new mood “I have to get my hands dirty to be a good hero” uses the cure as a weapon.

He gets cured! But sadly, we discover that Grodd is on the loose and he’s trying to mind control the whole City. Nora and Barry come up with an strategy to defeat him. However, it doesn’t work and they get paralized. That’s when King Shark decides to give up his human form and become a Meta human again forever to fight the gorilla.

            “long live the king”

After the epic fight between the two massive metahumans, Grodd is defeated and he’s putted into a medical coma so, he can’t mind control ever again.


When things are finally quiet at Star Labs, Barry makes up with Cisco and Caitlin who were super mad at him for using the metahuman cure as a weapon when they suore not to use it at one. And then, he realizes that cutting corners and “getting his hands dirty” won’t make him a better hero, it would just take him to the same level as Cicada or any other villain. So… then, he comes to the conclusion that maybe, he can offer the cure to Cicada and in that way, maybe they can patch things up.

Will this plan work? We’ll have to wait till’ next episode…

Highlights of the episode

• Relationship between Tanya and King Shark.

• Lyla’s abd Barry’s sass fight.

• Sherloque being the best councelor ever.

• Barry fighting the bad influences in his life.

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