“The Flash” S05 E17-Nora´s secret is finally revealed

After weeks with inconclusive leads and dead-ends, and thanks to the new Cicada, Jaques Wells, finally discovered Nora´s little secret that hanged around all season long. As for now, we know that Thawne has been helping Nora defeating Cicada and saving her father to finally make amends withe the Flash. Although I don´t truly believe him. Because he´s been asking Nora to do some sketchy things to alter the time-line and, he´s always glancing at a timer and saying that he´s got no time.

Anyways, he has been a good mentor to Nora and showing himself very helpful. However, after the events of last episode, where Cicada gets kidnapped by another Cicada (who was obviously Grace from the future but it took a while for team Flash to notice it). He tells her that he will no longer be able to help her because he ran out of time (we still not have a clue about what does he mean). Then, he tells her that the only way to fix it is by telling her father.

Meanwhile, in 2019, Nora is trying to find a way to drop the bombshell to Barry but, between all the fight with Grace, she doesn´t find the time. Regarding future Grace, she´s really messed up. All the things that Dwyer told her while she was in coma, got to her in a pretty bad way. When the final fight arrives, and she´s about to kill Barry, Orlin convinces her not to kill him so she can help herself and be better than he is. She tells him that he´s right but then, she kills him and disappears. Dwyer´s last words were: “Save my Gracie”

While all of this is happening, you may be wondering, how the heck did future Grace got to 2019? Well, easy, team Flash has all their important stuff from other seasons like Thawne´s time machine, in a low guarded storage. So, she just stole it. Jaques decides to start investigating Thawne, thinking like him, what he would do? That´s when he finds the last piece to deduce Nora´s secret. In season 1 Wells´s wheel chair, he finds a recording where Thawne uses the same symbols that Nora does in her journal. And that was enough to understand everything.

Although Nora was hesitating to tell them, Wells goes right to the point and tells the team what happened. Barry puts Nora in a prison before she can explain anything more.The episode end with her crying alone in the meta-human cell.

I really liked this episode! a lot of surprising things happened and all the secrets finally came to light. Can´t wait for next week´s episode!


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