Everything we know about “Good Trouble” “The Fosters” spin-off

Sadly, later last year, the chain-producer Freeform, after running five seasons, canceled our all time favorite show “The Fosters”. Hopefully, far from ending, it was announced that there will be a spin-off called “Good Trouble” that premieres on January 8 2019.

The spin-off will follow Callie and Mariana that move to Los Angeles together. Callie will be working as an attorney and Mariana will try to find her place in the male dominated tech world.

Maia Mitchell also opened up about the series in an interview with Her Campus.

“It takes place about a year after—right after where the finale of The Fosters left us. So, Callie and Mariana have relocated to Los Angeles. They’re living downtown and they’re kind of lost. They have a lot of new roommates, and there’s going to be a lot of new characters,” she said. “Callie is a first-year law clerk, so she’s working for a conservative judge, which she’s going to kind of struggle with and kind of try to reconcile throughout the season. And Mariana is working at a tech startup and kind of fighting the patriarchy. It’s quite political.”

The first season is expected to have 13 episodes and “The Fosters” fans, won´t have anything to worry about because all the members of the Adam-Foster family will appear through the season.

In this new series, everything will be different, but in a good way. Callie and Mariana will struggle with finding their place in the “adult world” but, the same essence from “The Fosters” will be there such as, fighting for what is right, making mistakes and learning from them and, overall the value of family.

“It´s not where you come from, it´s where you belong”

Lena Adams-Foster.


Gael (played by Tommy Martinez): Gael is “a socially conscious and politically active graphic designer” who lives in the same apartment complex as Callie and Mariana.

Malika (played by Zuri Adele): She is a whip-smart former foster kid with a passion for social justice.

Alice (played by Sherry Cola): A first-generation Asian American who manages the apartment complex.

Judge Wilson (played by Roger Bart): The conservative judge that Callie is clerking for.

Davia (played by Emma Hunton): A no holds barred teacher who also lives at The Coterie.

Benjamin (played by Ken Kirby): A conservative fellow clerk who works with Callie.

Aria (played by Kira Kosarin): A girl who visits another resident in Callie and Mariana’s apartment complex.

Heads up Pretty Little Liars fans!

TROIAN BELLISARIO IS DIRECTING ONE OF THE EPISODES. Troian made the big announcement on Instagram with a picture of the script for show’s sixth episode, called “Swipe Right.”

That´s everything we have for now, if you want to see special media from the series, you should follow Maia and Cierra in their social media. I can´t wait!

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