“The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” Season 2 second part- Review

Hi everyone! reporting again from an intense session of watching CAOS season 2 and I´m shocked. I swear that I didn´t expect everything that happened and it was all so fast. One episode everything was fine and the next one, doom was falling over Greendale. In this second half, we get to see the true nature of every character, although not all cards are thrown on the table, because CAOS has still got some surprises for us…

With an accidental accomplishing of the prophecy, the dark lord arrives to Greendale in his true form that he had back in the Garden, with just one goal: ruling the world with his daughter and queen, Sabrina Spellman. Yes, you heard right, Lilith, is not your turn yet. Sabrina must go to all costs in order to stop him, even if it means loosing her powers.

Everything seems very dramatic and sad until the really tragic stuff kicks in, our beloved Nick Scratch was manipulated by Satan and to return the favor, Nick traps Lucifer in his own body not before declaring his love to Sabrina.

I have to say, that listening Sabrina saying that she was going to save her boyfriend made me feel such a relief. For a second, I really thought that they just forgot him.

This second half of the season, reveals even darker secrets in Sabrina´s life. Also, I think that it was a great closure for this whole season we´ve been longing, the perfect amount of sadness, suspense and of course a little bit of hope.

hope you enjoyed the season!

love, always.


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