Best Cameron Boyce´s characters that were iconic to our chilhoods

Sometimes, life is unfair and cruel. Sometimes, young and kind souls pass away and is shocking to know that it might happen to any of us in any minute, any second. Sadly, that happened to Disney star Cameron Boyce. He passed away on the seventh of July, he had some health issues and he died in his sleep due to a seizure. He was such an iconic member of our childhoods and he didn´t only saw us grew up but he also grew up alongside us. That´s why I wanted to remember him today with some the characters that he portrayed that marked our childhoods forever.

1. Luke Ross on Jessie

This is  just a classic from our childhoods. Cameron portrayed Luke, one of the kids Jessie (Debby Ryan) took care for and who had a hopeless crush on her. He was hilarious and sarcastic kid.

2. Carlos on Descendants

Starring as Carlos, the son of Cruella, this is one of the proyects of Cameron that were still on going with the release of a third movie scheduled for this August. We still don’t know what the future depares for this series now that Boyce passed but we are proud of how he got there and the develop he had as Carlos.

3. Keithe Feder on Grown Ups

Growing up, this movie was a classic for sleepovers. It made me laugh my head off! In this one, Cameron starred as Adam Sandler’s son, Keithe Feder. He and his wisecracks comments, could bring light to my darkest days. Adam Sandler wrote him a emotional message for his death.

Even though his characters changed our lives, he also tried to change people’s lives outside the screen. He dedicated to works of charity, wlhe raised money to produce wells to fight thirst around the World. During his last interview, he mentioned how changing someone else’a lives changed yours for better as well. He will always be remembered. Forever in our hearts.

Cameron Boyce 1999-2019


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