Arrow season 7 episode 20- Get ready for the end

As weeks keep passing, Arrow fans are preparing for the Season 7  finale that will mark a difference in the show since, fan favorite Emily Bett Rickards who plays Felicity Smoak will depart after eight years working with the Arrow cast. Without even mentioning that next season will wrap up the Tv Show that basically founded the arrowverse, which will only have 10 episodes. Having set off with this scenery, things are getting pretty hot and heavy while the finale approaches, and the show runners and cast are making sure that we enjoy and suffer every last bit of it. That´s what happens in this new episode where old faces return and the Arrow team has to be more united than ever. But the real question is, are we ready for the end?

The episode starts with a quite treacherous scene, two officers were staved to death after a subway fight where naturally, Oliver´s team was the last one there so, Dinah, along with another officer, calls in each one of the crew to interrogate them.

I think this episode was well made, it got me clutching on my sofa until the very end that got us all. This shows how finally, after all these struggles, they are all on the same page and even though they all think and have an opinion by themselves, trust Oliver enough to lead them. They all play their parts perfectly well although Dinah takes the main lead. She totally convinced me and I wouldn’t´t have guessed that she was at the scene.

Anyways, my favorite part whatsoever was Roy Harper. He has this earlier Arrow season vibes and seeing how much he grew as a vigilante made me remember when he was just a street thief until Oliver took him in. I´m quite disappointed that Thea and Nissa weren´t there (I mean they should get a spin off series on these three). However, what truly upsets me is what happened to Roy, how come he didn´t trust Oliver enough to tell him his secret? After everything they went through? I just hope he sticks enough to solve the problem.

I just can´t understand how no one realizes that Felicity is pregnant I mean, she literally ate the whole episode.

Love always.

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