Arrow 7×14 review

So… another week, another Arrow episode, where there’s drama, street fights and hotteness in abundance.

Cute Olicity moments, brother-sister bondings, scary flashforwards where Star City is wrecked, traitions and much more in this week’s Arrow’s 7×14 “Brothers and sisters”.

Things are heated up since the moment the episode starts. Because, Diggle decides that they should avoid secrets if they could so, Lyla and John finally confess to Oliver and Felicity that they started the suicide squad again with a different name and this time, Diaz is included. Diggle explains that he is crucial to catch the greater evil.

At first, Oliver seems understanding but Felicity, is dissapointed and mad because she feels that all the sacrifice was for nothing. Then, she starts plotting Diaz’s death. Oliver, tells her that if she needed to kill Diaz to have a closure to that horrible chapter in their life, that he would stand by her. Then, she finally decides not to do it because she wants her husband and children to start this new chapter in the  light. Oliver asks her why is she talking in plural and Felicity finally admits that she’s pregnant!

Meanwhile, in the future, after the shocking revelation that Mia and William are half sibilings, William tries to bond with her by telling her that he felt abandoned when Oliver and Felicity never reached out to him when he went to live with his grand parents. Which we know is not true because at the begining of the episode we see Oliver trying to call him but he never picks up. I think that William’s grandparents were involved in the matter. And Mia, simpathises telling him that all her life Felicity told her that Oliver was a hero but, when she saw Star City, all she could think about is that the City is destroyed thanks to vigilantes like their dad.

Something pretty sketchy is that none of the adults knew about Olicity’s baby. We know that Diggle knew because he told Connor (his adoptive son) to protect Mia. Also, why none of them knew about Connor’s excistence? Does this mean that the gang divides? Maybe Dinah and Roy didn’t know because she was in the hospital and Roy was out of town but, Rene should have known, right?

Another siblings that had their brother-sister bonding time were Oliver and Emiko Queen. I have to say that I was really liking Emiko until we discover at the end of the episode that she is working with Dante. This makes me feel so bad for Oliver because finally things are good for him, he and his wife are better than ever, he is having a baby, he is trying to make things right, bond with his sister and she goes and betrays him.

Speaking of Dante, we finally get to see his real face! All this threatening and warnings about the bad guy he is are finally shown.

The Ghost Inciative has their first mission and their plan goes off tge rails. Diaz tries to escape but Diggle chooses to fight him instead of catching Dante abd that’s when Felicity sees that he chooses the safety of his family before catching the “greater evil”.

That’s not the only good thing that Dig does in this episode. After failing their first mission, the ghost iniciative shuts down and the pentagon  wants to fire Lyla but, Dig takes the fall. Because he believes that Lyla is the only one capable of putting Dante behind bars.

The wicked witch is dead! At the end of the episode, when Diaz is finally back on his cell, someone who we do not get to see but who Diaz clearly knows, throws a lighter at him and lets him burn.

I have to say that I’m pretty happy about it. Not because of that horrible way of killing him but, I really hated him. Also, this means that he can’t cause more trouble. Because, we’ve been dragging this villain  since season 6 and I was pretty sick and tired of him. Ofcourse, his death, left us with tons of questions. We know that Diaz has a certain preference of killing people with fire because of his childhood trauma. Was someone from his past? Or just Dante mad because he wasn’t paid?

Anyways, going back to why almost nobody knows about Mia’s excistence, got me wondering. Laurel knows about Felicity’s pregnancy but… where is she in the future? So much questions!

Arrow just jeeps getting better and better. I can’t wait for next episode to get some answers!

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