Adam Silvera´s “They Both Die at the End” is having a Tv Show and we are thrilled

“They Both Die at the End” is a Young Adult best-seller that focuses on a queer relationship between two teenagers that are spending their last day on Earth. The author of the novella, announced in his social media later this month that there would be a Tv Show about the book.


The people in charge of reaching our expectations about the adaptation of this wonderful book are JJ Abrams and HBO. In case Abrams doesn´t ring a bell to you, he directed and produced the tv show “Lost” and, he´s also producing “Star Wars: Episode IX”. So, I think we are in good hands.


The author Adam Silvera, supports a 100% this project. In fact, to announce the good news, he tweeted this:

“THANKS SO MUCH FOR ALL THE #TheyBothDieAtTheEnd LOVE FRIENDS! I literally walked into another super awesome lunch for another adaptation the minute this announcement when tup haha. All good things.”

The fans, are also very happy and excited. Of course, adapting a book, comes with a great risk because you can either improve things for the better, or make everything worse, but I guess that we´ll have to wait…



Since the project was announced recently, we still have to wait for the casting to start. But, hopefully, It´ll be soon. And respecting the release date, we´re not expecting the series to premiere until next year, so I guess we´ll have to wait.


Are you excited about this project? Let me know down below!

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