5 Over-Hyped Contemporary Books That In My Opinion, Weren´t THAT Good

Has ever happened to you that you picked up a book that literally EVERYONE was talking about, and saying that it´s the best book that they read in their lives and then, when you read it, you realize that it wasn’t that good? Well, I don´t know you, but to me, it happened plenty of times, so, today I choose 5 books that in my opinion weren´t worth the hype, to share with you.

“What if it´s us?” by Adam Silvera & Becky Albertalli 

So, when I picked up this book, (With everyone around me telling me to read it) I really thought that it was going to be one of my favorite books of this 2018. First of all because of the authors, they are two of my favorite contemporary authors of all time. So, when Silvera and Albertalli announced that they were publishing a book together, I was pretty hyped too. First of all, I took a month to finish reading this book because, most parts I was bored. It´s like everything happens very slow. And also, the love story that is the main plot of the book, is rather forgettable, I don´t ship them. However, a good point in the book, it`s that the characters are well built and quite complex, something that I can´t say for the next book…

“One of Us is Lying” by Karen M. Mc.Manus

*Everyone kills me* This book, was published an year ago, and It´s in the list of bestsellers since then. And, I can´t really understand why. When, I picked up this book, I was expecting to find an intriguing mystery high-school story. But, instead, I found myself reading a soapy teenager love story with weak characters. I think that the author should have given more attention to the murder that the love stories and gossip. I mean, a bit of gossip was excellent, because it adds the book that Gossip Girl touch and I love it. However I think that this book had an over dose of high school drama that wasn’t necessary.

“The Love Interest” by Cale Dietrich

So, I think that in this case, I´m sided with the popular opinion because, this book had a lot of hype, but because of the wrong reasons. I personally think that the plot of this book had so much potential, if only the author would have given more deepness and personality to the characters , and also I think that the end was very rushed.

“Circe” by Madeline Miller

This book, I think that it was a matter of expectations, because I after reading and loving her best-seller “The Song of Achilles” I was really expecting a book that I was going to really love. The book it´s alright though, maybe it´s just me. I found it really boring, I forced myself into finishing the book.

“Our Chemical Hearts” by Krystal Sutherland

The situation of this book, is a bit different, because when I picked up this book, I did it to start trying audiobooks and I knew absolutely nothing about it. Then, I found out that the book is from some years ago and, at that time it was very hyped. And my trouble in this book is more in the story itself, I mean the world and the characters were well built, however I couldn’t stand the main characters. They annoyed me big time, the decisions they made were simply stupid and the ending sucked.

So… I know that I was a bit harsh on this books but sometimes I can´t help myself. Remember if you have a different opinion on these books, write it in the comment section so, we can discuss it.


Love always,


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